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Born Pretty Store Nail Art Pen Review

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Pen
I know I have not been posting nail arts regularly on my blog these days. I have started my wedding shopping *happy dance* and I did not get time to do nail arts. I am a huge nail art lover and love collecting various nail art related things especially from Born Pretty Store. So get ready to see more nail arts on MBT in the coming weeks. As soon as I saw nail art pen on their site I knew I had to get it. I have the old nail art pens that come in the form of nail polish bottles but have not come across one in pen style. It is priced at $4.99 and you can buy online HERE. You can use the coupon code MEGW10 to get 10% off on your order.

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Pen
Born Pretty Store Nail Art Pen
After pumping it turns blue
Born Pretty Store Nail Art Pen
Born Pretty Store Nail Art Pen
Born Pretty Store Nail Art Pen
Born Pretty Store Nail Art Pen
Born Pretty Store Nail Art Pen* comes in a pen form with a color representation on it. Though the color of my pen is blue but it shows purple on the pen. Yes that is the reason I applied purple nail polish on my index and small finger! I did not check it before applying the base polishes. The nib of the nail art pen is white and you need to tap it many times on a paper to make it work. The nib will go in and out just like a pump but do not worry it would not break! The nib is very STURDY! When you see the nib getting stained, you are ready to flow your creativity!

I use it just like my pen and draw the shapes or designs I desire. I drew stars and smiles on my nails. I used to draw these two designs in my notebooks in boring lectures *laughs*. You can draw the designs on bare or painted nails. I used Faces White O White Nail Polish as a base. The pigmentation is superb and you can draw the nail art without going over the same line again and again. The ink dries super fast and you are ready to finish it off with a top coat. It stays on my nails for a good 3-4 days after that it starts fading. 

The nail art pen is indeed a “creative invention” for those who loves nail art but does not have enough time to do it. If you are a beginner in nail art then you will love it for sure. I have used it many times and it still in superb condition!

Super easy to draw designs of your choice.
A free hand nail art tool!
Dries super quick and you do not have to wait for ages.
Color choices available.
Born Pretty Store provides WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.
Good staying power.
Great pigmentation.


Overall Thoughts:
Born pretty Store Nail Art Pen is superb nail art tool when you really do not have time to do nail art but still want to decorate your nails. You need to use it just like a pen. It dries fast and you do not need to wait for ages. I am definitely going to pick up few more shades and would recommend it everyone especially “beginners” in nail art!

Rating: 5/5

My Tips:
Close the lid of the pen when you do not use it.
Apply the pen when the base polish is completely dry.
Apply the top coat to make the nail art last longer.

What is the easiest nail art tool you own? I would like to try it :).

Stay pretty!

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