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Organic Therapie Aqua Blast Soap Review

Organic Therapie Aqua Blast Soap 
I am writing this post with my 1.5 years old cute nephew sitting on my lap and playing tantrum with the keyboard. He just does not want to leave his bua when she is sitting in front of her laptop *smiles*. 

Recently I had an outbreak of acne due to less intake of water and more intakes of SWEETS. You are forced to eat more sweet as soon as you get engaged *lol*. I feel whenever I suffer from acne or pimples, soaps work better on deep cleansing my skin than face washes. I truly loved Sattvik Acne Soap for my acne prone skin but we girls love trying NEW products and could not stick to one*winks*. Recently I discovered an amazing soap that is meant for oily, acne prone skin- Organic Therapie Aqua Blast Soap*. It is priced at Rs 99 and you can buy online HERE.

Organic Therapie Aqua Blast Soap 
Organic Therapie Aqua Blast Soap 
Organic Therapie Aqua Blast Soap 

Organic Therapie Aqua Blast Soap comes sealed in a clear plastic wrapper with all the information printed at the back. As soon as the plastic is unwrapped, you are greeted with a lovely and mild scent which is very light. The soap is green in color and matches beautifully with my light green bathroom *laughs*. 

The soap creates soft, rich lather that feels extremely soft on my skin. The scent does not tend to intensify and feels really soothing and calming. It vanishes away as soon as the soap is rinsed out (As I don’t like fragranced product, it actually do not bother me!). I particularly use it on my face and I love how clean my skin looks after washing it with this soap. The soap removes all dirt, oil and grime off my skin without stripping off of moisture.  It is easily rinsed away without leaving a greasy or sticky residue behind. My skin feels smooth and thoroughly cleansed. The soap neither moisturizes my skin nor dries it out. I do feel the need to moisturize my face right after cleansing my skin with this soap (though not overly!). As per the name of the soap, it does control oil and reduce acne and pimples. It contains tea tree that is a boon for acne prone skin. It does not get soggy or melt in my soap dish that I really like. 

Though the brand says it gives instant glow but I really do not feel so. My skin looks clean and clear but I could not see any visible glow!

Lovely scent.
Creates rich lather.
Deep cleanses the skin.
Makes skin smooth and clear.
Reduces acne and pimples with regular usage.
Gentle on face.
Contains all good and natural ingredients.
Does not leave greasy residue behind.
Does not melt.
Reasonably priced.

Does not give glow to the skin.

Overall Thoughts:
Organic Therapie Aqua Blast Soap has become my favorite since the time I am using it. It helps in controlling oil and reduces acne and pimples with regular usage. It smells amazing and does deep cleansing. I would happily recommend it to anyone with oily and combination skin or suffering from acne or pimples! 

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips:
Keep the soap in soap dish after usage.
Use it in place of face wash when you suffer from pimples or acne.
You can also use this soap to control back acne.
Follow it up with a light moisturizer.

What is your favorite soap/ face wash for controlling oil or acne?

Stay pretty!

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