Thursday, July 9, 2015

June 2015 Favorites

June 2015 Favorites
I literally cannot believe June flew away so fast. My shagun/ roka is at the end of this month and I have not prepared anything *scared*. Last month I had used lots of skincare and makeup products but these 8 items really impressed me a lot.
Maybelline The Colossal Kohl in Crushed Emerald (Reviewed HERE)
This has been my favorite since the day I got it in my hands. The formula is soft and smooth and applies easily on both upper and lower lash line in just few swipes. It feels comfortable on waterline as well. I particularly use it on upper lash line and the way I did in the post.
Living Nature Thickening Mascara (Reviewed HERE)
I literally hated applying mascara because it is always a pain to remove it leading to falling of 2-3 lashes each time. I have fallen in love with this natural mascara. My lashes do not fall as it removes pretty quickly with a good makeup remover. Not to mention it thickens lashes naturally.

Luscious Cosmetics Studio Secret Instant Brightening Concealer (Reviewed HERE)
This has been my favorite concealer since few months. It not only brightens up my eye area but conceals dark circles and blemishes well.

Born Pretty Store Flat Top Makeup Brush (Reviewed HERE)
I use this brush to apply mineral makeup and powders. It picks up right amount of product and goes really smooth on skin. It feels soft and does not shed bristles unlike other brushes.

Iraya Purifying Neem and Basil Scrubbing Shower Gel (Reviewed HERE)
I totally loved using it in hot, humid weather. It keeps check on pimples and makes skin clear and healthy. It works as both scrub and shower gel.

Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel (Reviewed HERE)
It is the best gel to control acne and get rid off of blemishes. It is natural and works effectively. Though it smells weird but it never failed to make my skin clear and healthy.

Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash (Reviewed HERE)
Recently my skin broke out due to less intake of water and more of sweet products. I always keep one tube of this neem face wash just to fight acne and pimples. It makes skin smooth, clean and oil free. It reduces acne and pimples with regular usage.

Sattvik Acne Face Mask (Reviewed HERE)
This is the best face pack to control acne and pimples. With regular usage it combats acne in just few days. I totally loved it and already on my second tub.

What did you like in the month of June?

Stay pretty!

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