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Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel Review

Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel
This month all I did was eating oily food! As a result of my ignorance, big acne has popped up on my cheek :(. So many birthdays and anniversaries are responsible for my acne outbreak :P (not literally though ;)). Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel* is the best acne and blemish treatment that is 100% natural and does not irritate the skin. It costs NZ$19.50 for 10ml that will last really long. You can buy online HERE.

Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel
Description of Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel
Ingredients of Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel
Opening of Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel
Swatch of Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel
Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel comes in a small off white cardboard box packaging with all the information written on it. The actual product comes in an off white squeezable plastic tube with a black screw top lid. As soon as the lid is opened, you will see a small opening that dispenses the right amount of serum. The packaging is quite light and compact and is perfect for traveling. The gel is light yellow in color with not so pleasant scent. As I use it sparingly, it is not bothering for me at all.

The gel has perfect gel type formula that is it is neither very thick nor very thin. The scent fades away after few seconds of application. The gel has to be used after cleansing your face. I just take small amount of gel and apply it on my acne and blemishes. It gets absorbed almost instantly without leaving a sticky or greasy residue behind. It does not give any tingling sensation and feels extremely light on the skin. It is quite moisturizing and I do not feel the need to moisturize the acne area with a separate moisturizer.

I had already mentioned in my previous posts that I occasionally suffer from acne. Since the time I have been using Living Nature Skin Steps skincare range (reviewed HERE), my skin is becoming clear and whoa acne subsided to a great extent. The manuka honey gel lightens the redness and reduces the size of the acne within few days of using it. It can be applied as often as required. I use it with the other products from Living Nature skincare range to get utmost result. It contains all natural ingredients and does not dry out my skin. It does show visible difference with regular usage and I am truly happy that my acne is improving at a rapid pace. It lasts really long as I need only a small amount each time. I have not faced any adverse effects whilst using it. A MUST HAVE for acne, pimple and blemished prone skin as it contains manuka honey and tea tree leaf oil! Did I tell you it is Michelle Phan’s favorite too? :)

•    Gel formula.
•    Easy to use.
•    Gets absorbed quickly.
•    Shows visible difference with regular usage.
•    Reduces redness in a day.
•    Controls and soothes acne.
•    Great for acne prone and blemished skin.
•    Contains natural ingredients.
•    Suits all skin types.
•    Also useful in soothing insect bites.
•    Travel friendly packaging.
•    Living Nature provides International shipping.

•    Scent is not pleasant though it does not contain artificial fragrance..
•    A bit pricey but a worthy investment to get clear skin or trouble spots.

Overall Thoughts:
Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel is the best way to treat acne and blemishes. It soothes acne and lightens blemishes within few days of usage. It is 100% natural and does not irritate my skin. It can also be used to treat other skin problems like insect bites and other spots. I am totally in love with this gel and would highly recommend it to people with acne and blemished prone skin.

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips:
•    Use it sparingly else it might give a sticky feeling.
•    Apply it at night to get utmost results out of it.
•    Apply it 2-3 times a day on acne to soothe it.

Have you tried Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel? What is your magic way to treat acne and blemishes?
Stay pretty!

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