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Eddie Funkhouser Tapered Shadow & Crease Brush Review

Eddie Funkhouser Crease & Tapered Shadow Brush
If you are a regular reader of my blog, you must know how much I love makeup brushes. I just love collecting them. Each time I see a new brush, I know I had to get it *greedy me*. Eddie Funkhouser was a total new brand for me but I was amazed to see their premium collection. Their products look pure luxury but with a decent price tag. I got a chance to try Eddie Funkhouser Tapered Shadow & Crease Brush* priced at $10.99 and $8.99 respectively. You can buy online HERE and HERE.
Eddie Funkhouser Tapered Shadow & Crease Brush
Eddie Funkhouser Tapered Shadow & Crease Brush
Eddie Funkhouser brushes come securely packed in double plastic case. The outer case is re-sealable and the inner one protects the bristles from getting damaged. The brushes are artisanal quality crafted, featuring hand-scored premium hair, expertly-sculpted head integrated with premium aluminum ferrule and hardwood handles painted with hard-as-nails, multi-layered high-gloss black lacquer.

Eddie Funkhouser Tapered Shadow Brush has fine, densely packed fibers that are arranged in an oval shape. The bristles are off white in color with brown tips. The brush can be used as an all over eye shadow brush or for blending. I particularly love using it for blending and for doing smokey looks. It works well with both powder and cream eye shadows though I love using my fingers while applying cream eye shadows. The brush picks up right amount of eye shadow and I do not need to swipe it again and again. It applies eye shadow in just a single swipe which actually impressed me a lot. I use it for blending and creating smokey looks. It blends harsh edges like a dream and I do not need to put much effort in creating a simple smokey look when I am in hurry. It is quite firm but feels nice and soft on lids.

Eddie Funkhouser Crease brush is a nice stiff brush with a slightly dome shape. It is basically used for applying eye shadow on the crease and for creating smokey looks. It applies eye shadow on the outer corner of the eyes and crease easily with absolutely no smudging and harsh edges. It picks the right amount of eye shadow and I do not need to tap it on the lid to get rid of excess eye shadow.

Cleaning the brushes is super easy. I simply swirl them in a small amount of baby shampoo and wash it in a bowl containing water. The brushes take a day (few hours in summers!) to dry out completely. There is no shedding of the bristles and the brushes dry to soft, fluffy and ready to use again. I wash them every two-three weeks.

•    The brushes are of premium quality.
•    Affordable.
•    Deliver awesome results.
•    Tapered brush can be used to apply eye shadow all over lids and for blending as well.
•    Crease brush applies eye shadow on crease with no harsh edges. It can also be used for blending.
•    Multi purpose brushes.
•    The brushes pick right amount of eye shadow.
•    The bristles are firm yet do not feel harsh on lids.
•    Eddie Funkhouser provides International shipping.
•    Cruelty free.

•    There is no mention of the brush name on the brush.

Overall Thoughts:
Eddie Funkhouser brushes are a perfect dupe for other high end brands like MAC and Sigma. They are of premium quality and deliver awesome results. I am totally in love with tapered and crease brush and would highly recommend them to everyone!

Rating: 4.9/5

My Tips:
•    Wash your brushes regularly with a baby shampoo especially if you love using bright eye shadows.
•    Keep the brushes in case or makeup holder after use to protect the bristles.
•    Both the brushes can be used to apply concealer as well. They blend the creamy products really well.
•    Tapered brush can also be used to apply highlighter on brow bone and cheekbones.

Have you tried Eddie Hunkhouser? What is your favorite blending and crease brush?

Stay pretty!

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