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Curatio Fash X Gel Face Wash Review

I got Curatio Fash X Gel Face Wash after my friend suggested me. She raved about it a lot and me being a beauty blogger who loves trying new products got fascinated and bought it! Curatio has always been my favorite brand and i had tried Suncote Gel (I loved it when i had oily skin!), Tedibar (when Anaaya was a baby it was our favorite soap) and Spoo Shampoo (it's still our favorite shampoo!)I have been using it since a month and here is my honest review on it! 

Price- Rs 475 for 200g BUY ONLINE HERE

Curatio Fash X Gel Face Wash comes in a white and sea blue squeezable plastic tube with a sea blue flip top lid. The packaging is fairly simple yet looks great on my bathroom shelf. The lid of the tube is quite secure and wont pop open on its own. The face wash is sea blue in color with a lovely fragrance.

Curatio Fash X Gel Ingredients

The texture of the face wash is soft and smooth with gel consistency. 

How to use Fash X Gel?

I take a small amount of face wash for both face and neck and it creates a decent amount of lather (not much!) that feels really soft and nice on the skin. Since it does not lather a lot, sometimes i feel it is not enough for my face and I take more! It washes away really quickly and does not leave greasy or sticky residue behind. My skin feels fresh, smooth and thoroughly cleansed. It removes dirt, oil and non waterproof makeup effectively but fails in removing waterproof makeup. As I have dry skin, I feel tightness in my skin and I do feel the need to moisturize my skin. I feel every time I use it do get few pimples on my face and now i will give it to my cousin who has oily but not pimple prone skin!


• Gel consistency.

• Nice smell.

• Makes skin smooth, fresh and thoroughly cleansed.

• Does not leave sticky residue behind.

• Travel friendly and attractive packaging.

• Good for oily skin!

• Easily available.


• Caused pimples to me!

• My skin got dried!

Overall Thoughts:

Curatio Fash X Gel Face Wash is a good face wash for oily skin. I have dry, acne prone skin and it did not suit my skin. It gave me pimples and left my skin dry and tight! 

What is your favorite face wash? Share in the comments section below!

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