Thursday, October 25, 2018

Tedibar Baby Soap Review

Tedibar Soap was recommended to me by my pediatrician! Though initially I used Himalaya Baby Soap on my baby but as the weather changes, I felt it was drying out my baby's skin a bit! Since the time I started using Tedibar, I never switched to any other soap! Here is my review on Tedibar Baby Soap!

Price- Rs 130 for 75g BUY ONLINE

Tedibar Soap comes in a shiny pink cardboard packet with all the information written over it! Inside you will find a cute pink soap, a tray and a leaflet! The soap comes nicely sealed! The fragrance is mild and pleasant. The soap lathers really well and cleanses the baby's skin well even after massaging with oil! It does not dry out the skin but always remember you must always moisturize your baby's skin post bath!

I have been using this soap for a long time on my baby and had not seen any adverse effects using it!  It keeps her skin soft and moisturized! 

You MUST always keep the soap on tray after usage otherwise it melts crazily! Make sure it kept on the tray properly and not kept on the side of tray! i never faced melting issue since the time i started putting the soap on the tray correctly!

- The color is so pretty! 
-  Gently cleanses the skin.
- Does not dry out the skin.
- Mild fragrance!
- Perfect for dry skin!
- Gentle lather!
- Does not irritate baby's eyes!
- Reasonably priced!

- Melts if not kept properly on the tray!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I loved Tedibar Baby Soap to the core! It keeps skin soft and moisturized and makes baby's skin look healthy! A highly recommended product by me to all mommies!

What baby soap do you use on your baby?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. Aajkal baccho k maze hain , kitne sarey products launch ho rahy hain 😍😍
    Ye soap mujhe to accha laga 👍👍

    1. Aunty abhi tak mujhe best baby soap yahi laga! Skin ek dum healthy rakhta hai!


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