Thursday, September 1, 2022

Does Gua Sha work? Best Gua Sha in India

It is raining in Bangalore and with such weather I feel really lazy to update the blog but now i want to be really regular on my blog as I have lots of products to show you. 

As we all know gua sha is trending everywhere on Internet and yes I too jumped into the bandwagon and after trying for 2 months, here I am with my review on it. Gua Sha is a skin care tool that really made a difference to my skin. Not only I feel good every time I use it but it gives such a beautiful, visible glow to the skin. 

Price- Rs 525 I bought i from a reiki teacher online and believe me the quality is the best and it is original! Here is whatsapp no 9051209619

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese tool that is used on the skin to release tension due to stagnation from water retention, muscle tightness or other congestion. It can be used all over the body but I love using it on my face!

I got my Gua Sha from a reiki teacher and I got the purest rose quartz with a top notch quality. I had read very bad reviews of the quality of gua sha so I trusted this girl and I highly recommend you to buy from her. This is not sponsored and i bought gua sha with my own hard earned money!

My Gua Sha is light pink in color with lots of veins in it. It is very sturdy with all the smooth edges. I got my gua sha packaged nicely and there was no damage whilst shipping but there was no case where i can store it but anyways I have kept in a small jute kind bag as I use it almost everyday! Make sure you keep it safely and it may break if fallen down!

How to use Gua Sha?

I use Gua Sha at my bedtime after washing my face with a face wash. After cleansing, apply a good facial oil or serum and put the Gua Sha with flat side down and move it outward in upward direction. Do not keep it vertical! Keep it little horizontal to get the most out of it. For eyes and jawline, use the heart shape and do it very gently especially under your eyes!

Does Gua Sha work?

I have been using Gua Sha since 4 months and yes for me it works. Make sure you get the original one as the properties of crystals will penetrate your skin and gives a beautiful boost to your skin. It instantly gives a nicely and calming feeling and helps in absorbing the oil into your skin. My skin literally feels so good, radiant and supple the next morning. It helps in blood circulation and keeps skin young and healthy. Also if your face looks swollen in the morning then you must try gua sha! Though i do not have double chin but it does help! It also reduces puffiness, lymphatic drainage properly.

How to take care of Gua Sha?

I clean my Gua Sha after every use under running water and in 1 month just wash it in rock salt water. I was also suggested by the seller to keep in full moon to improve its properties but as i live in apartment there is no direct moon light in my balconies!

Gua Sha tends to change its properties when it comes in contact with chemicals but i use mine with all oils and serums and it is good but yeah the properties and the color of gua sha will start fading!

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I loved my Gua Sha. It has done wonders to my skin. Though i would not say it will keep acne at bay as that totally depends on the diet and other factors but gua sha does help keeping skin in very good condition! Highly recommended from me!

Have you tried gua sha or any other skincare tools? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!



  1. I have not tried Gusha but I use rose quartz roller

    1. I have not tried roller yet! rose quartz feel so good on skin!


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