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How to use kalonji oil to prevent hairloss| Ft Blend it Raw Apothecary

Today I am going to review my favorite hair oil that I have been using since 2 months. Believe me guys, you just need to be consistent to repair your hair! This is a non sponsored post but Blend it Raw Apothecary Kalonji Oil* was sent to me for review for an honest opinion. I love the brands that ask for honest opinions. I was really impressed with the quality of Blend it Raw Apothecary products that I had tried and this oil with classy packaging made me use it for a good 2 months! Let's check if Blend it Raw Apothecary Kalonji Oil worked for me or not!

Price- Rs 490 for 100ml it's worth every penny! BUY ONLINE 

I had never tried kalonji oil alone for my hair. Either I had mixed it with coconut oil or used an oil that has variety of herbs in it. After using it alone as a carrier oil, I realized it is wonder oil to my dry, frizzy and weak hair!


The kalonji oil bottle comes sealed properly so to ensure it has not been used or opened! The glass bottle is of very good quality and screams luxury. I loved the shape and I am definitely going to use it as a small vase! There is an inner lid that protects the oi from spillage or leakage. I have made a small hole in the lid so the oil comes dropwise! Overall I give full points to the packaging. 


Blend it Raw Apothecary Kalonji Oil is black in color with slightly thick consistency. Though it looks thick but it goes really well on scalp and hair and washes away quickly. Once in a week, I mix it with vitamin E capsules to make my hair healthier. 


I have been regularly using Blend it Raw Kalonji Oil twice a week for 2 months and I can see positive results on my hair. I stay in Bangalore where the water is very hard and i feel since the time i am using this oil, i am facing less hair fall. My hair strands do not look thin and look very healthy and moisturized. I have not faced dandruff issues since the time i am using Blend it Raw Apothecary Kalonji Oil. Though it would be too early to declare hair regrowth but my hair look thicker and voluminous. I also love mixing it with half vitamin E capsule. My hair has turned darker and way healthier!


  • Pure! The best kalonji oil for hair I have ever tried!
  • Makes hair healthy, full of life and reduces hair fall!
  • Makes hair dark!
  • Not a very thick oil.
  • Indeed a miraculous oil!
  • Reasonably priced for the quality you get!
  • Packaging is my fav!
  • Edible oil!
  • Unrefined, cold pressed kalonji oil!


  • None!

Overall Thoughts:

Overall Blend it Raw Apothecary Kalonji Oil is the best oil I have tried! It has really improved the quality of my hair that was completely ruined after we moved to Bangalore! I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to maintain their hair in a healthy way!

My Tips:

  1. You can mix it any of your favorite DIY!
  2. Mix it with coconut oil and olive to stop hair fall. This remedy was told by my friend!

Have you tried black seed oil? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!



  1. Does it really make hair darker? Does it work for gray hair too? 😜

    1. yes it does make hair dark with regular usage. For grey hair try mixing amla and kalonji oil!

  2. Because of Hard water my hair has changed color, I will give this one a try

    1. water filter and this oil really made a difference to my hair. in bangalore also there is hard water problem!


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