Thursday, September 15, 2022

Bombay Shaving Company Face Razor for Women Review

I have bee using face razors since covid and it has been the best thing ever. I had tried many brands including tinkle and honestly I found them all good. Recently while browsing Amazon, I was unable to find Tinkle and found Bombay Shaving Company Face Razor for Women and I ordered it :) Before starting the review, let me tell you face razors needs patience and practice and if you are an impatient girl, then please skip this as it might not be for you.

Price- Rs 450 for 3 razors BUY ONLINE currently on 60% discount if you are planning to buy it

Bombay Shaving Company Face Razor for Women comes in a sleek, cardboard box pack with 3 different slot for 3 razors. All the information is written at the back. The face razor is use on eyebrows, upper lip, chin, sideburns and upper cheek fuzz. I particularly use it for my whole face. 

The face razor is white and purple in color and looks so good, It is lightweight and can be carried around with you whilst traveling. There is also a cap that protects the blade.  The blades are stainless steel and have been carved so there are no cuts. 

The sharpness of the face razor is just ok and would not cut your skin but I find if the hair is little thick, it needs to be done twice to get the hair removed. I found it okay for the upper lip but I absolutely loved it for my eye brows and face. It just shaves the face nicely without hurting the skin and making it look so soft and delicate. 

How to use a face razor?

I clean my face before shaving to make the process smooth. The handle is easy to grip and feels extremely light! After using I just wipe it out with a baby wipe and cover it back. It survives 7-8 usage in my case! 

My skin feels soft, smooth and clean with regular usage and it also helps in penetrating the skincare products better. I try to use the face razor when I do not have to use the makeup in the coming 2-3 days to avoid breakouts. I had faced breakouts if i did shaving right before doing makeup so yes I avoid doing it when I need to do makeup!


  • The blade is not very sharp and won't leads to cuts!
  • Lightweight!
  • Loved the color!
  • Safe to use!
  • No ingrown or thick hair!
  • Best tool if you hate waiting in parlors and salons!
  • Best for emergency as well when you can't go out for threading!


  • The blade might blunt out soon as it is not very sharp!

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I like Bombay Shaving Company Facial Razors. They are not very sharp and do not give cuts on skin that I highly adore as i got many cuts from Tinkle razors! If you love being hair free then this is the perfect solution. It keeps skin smooth and radiant looking. Japanese people love using facial razors and oooh I love their skin!

Do you use face razors? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!



  1. As I said, it seems interesting although I have never used facial razors. The face hair I have is really subtle and not really noticeable, hence I never removed it. For some reason I find that the baby hair I have close to my forehead and years or over my eyebrows, gives me a more youthfull look and I like having it, maybe later in life I might consider this technique and articles and products like this one will interest me.

    1. you do not need it flo. you have an amazing skin!

  2. I have always wanted to try it but I am scared


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