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Mystiq Living Specials Green Coffee Blemish Clear Kit Review

Mystiq Living is a new brand for me. When I got an email from them, I was really intrigued by their plant based concept and agreed to try their products. As you all know, I take my time to review products so I can tell you how it actually works on me and if you have same skin as mine it can help you in deciding whether to spend on the products or not. After trying out Mystiq Living Specials Green Coffee Blemish Clear Kit* for a month, here is my review on it.

Price- ₹898 after discount BUY ONLINE 

Mystiq Living Specials Green Coffee Blemish Clear Kit consists of face scrub, face mask and day & night cream. All the 3 products have green coffee as a common ingredient.

The packaging is quite simple yet sophisticated. As the brand is following on the plant based concept and the range is got is green coffee, the packaging come in green and white Color with all the information written on it. The actual products come in dark brown high quality plastic jars with proper inner lids.

 Let’s see how each of them work individually for me. 

I have dry, acne prone skin in this winter season so the review is based on the experience that.

Mystiq Living Specials Green Coffee Blemish Clear Face Scrub ₹549 for 100g BUY ONLINE

The face scrub is a clay based scrub with walnut granules in it. As soon as you open the jar, you invited with a mesmerizing aroma of clay and some other ingredients that I was unable to detect. It has very soft consistency and spreads easily on the skin. I suggest you to be very gentle with this face scrub as it has walnut granules that may be harsh to the skin when rubbed carelessly. I massage it very lightly on my skin for a minute and wash it off. I love how soft and radiant my skin looks after using this face scrub. It contains many effective ingredients like green coffee, turmeric, oatmeal and aloe Vera gel. It also contains coconut oil and stearic acid that are comedogenic but they both did not cause acne on my skin. It does work on blemishes with regular usage but always follow it up with a face mask for smooth and even skin.

If you have acne or pimples, do not use a face scrub as it might aggravate them. If you have spots and blemishes then do try it out as it really clears out the skin.

PS: as soon as I opened my face scrub jar, I found a brown liquid separated from the scrub but the scrub was smelling nice so I didn’t mind it. May be I should ask the brand about it. Will update when I will get a reply.

Mystiq Living Specials Green Coffee Blemish Clear Face Mask ₹549 for 100g BUY ONLINE

It is a clay based mask with a very calming and refreshing scent. I use it twice a week and it does make my skin look super clean, even and oil free. It has soft texture but gives a mild tingling sensation to the skin indicating it’s actually working. As you all know currently my skin is dry so I do feel dryness in my skin post wash. For that, I have to apply a good moisturizer to combat dryness. I do face pimples even when my skin is dry but with face pack, I have noticed that it not only combats pimples and marks but also prevents them from occurring. It also gives a healthy look to the skin. I won’t say it gives 100 watt brightness to your skin but your skin genuinely look good with regular usage. 

It has green coffee, sandalwood and Luxor ice that help in removing dirt, oil off the skin and gives it a healthy look. It will suit all skin types but if you have dry skin like mine, follow it up with a moisturizer or use it in summer or less chilly weather. It is a superb face pack for oily and normal skin though.

Mystiq Living Specials Green Coffee Blemish Clear Day & Night Cream ₹499 for 50g

Honestly I found this day and night cream just an average cream. It is an ayurvedic dark spot remover cream that contains green coffee, mulberry, apple cider vinegar that help in removing dark spots. I used it for a month but didn’t find much difference in the skin. It just made my skin look oil free and nice. The fragrance is amazing just like scrub and mask. The consistency of the cream is quite good and spreads easily across the skin but I find it less moisturizing. I literally feel my skin dry even after applying a lot of cream. I had to follow it with my other moisturizer. I didn’t work on pimple spots but yes scrub and mask do work in lightening the dark spots left by pimples.


  • A good range to get even and clean skin.
  • The scrub is little harsh but when used correctly makes skin look clean and even.
  • The mask is good and throws away all the dirt and oil off the skin.
  • The moisturizer is good for oily to normal skin. Dry skinned people can use it in summers.
  • Contains all good ingredients. The main hero is green coffee.
  • The fragrance of all the 3 products is AMAZING.
  • Makes the skin super clean, healthy and reduces pimples.
  • It’s a reasonable kit if you buy during discount.
  • Suits all skin types.
  • Free from parabens, silicones, mineral oil and other harmful chemicals.


  • If you have dry skin, it may dry it out but following it up with a good moisturizer solves the problem.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I loved how my skin became clear and even with Mystiq Living Green Coffee range. It removes the dirt and oil off the skin making it less prone to acne and pimples. I would really suggest everyone to try it out if you are having uneven, dull or pimple-y skin.

My Tips-

  • Use the scrub once or twice a week. I use once a week.
  • Use the mask twice a week.
  • Use a good toner before applying moisturizer.
  • If you feel the moisturizer is not enough, apply your favorite over it.

Have you tried Mystiq Living Specials Green Coffee Blemish Clear Kit? Did you like it? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Safe & Loads of ❤️!



  1. I love products which are free from chemicals

    1. Their products are good and effective. You can give them a try! Last but not the least they suit our acne prone skin!

  2. I don't have blemish problems but I would love to try that delicious faciual scrub. Your description evoked scents and textures in my mind in a full relaxing mood. Maybe, some day, I will get to try it...

    1. It makes skin look so clean and fresh.

      I would love to gift you this kit whenever we meet!!!


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