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Parachute Advansed Soft Touch Body Lotion with Honey Review I

 If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know body lotion is a staple product in my skincare regime. Be it summers or winters, I need body lotion. I had tried Parachute Body lotions before and was quite happy with the results. I did repurchase them many times. If you want to read my reviews on other Parachute Body lotions, read HERE and HERE. Today I am going to review Parachute Advansed Soft Touch Body Lotion with Honey that I got last month while doing grocery shopping.

Price- ₹310 for 400ml BUY ONLINE

The packaging of the body lotion is just like other Parachute body lotions with curvy design that is actually very easy to hold. It has a pump lid which is very convenient to use. It is available in both flip top and pump packaging. All the information is printed at the back of the bottle.

The formula of the body lotion is slightly thick than the ones I previously used. It has creamy and soft texture with a beautiful fragrance. I am glad this body lotion does not smell of coconut despite containing the coconut milk. It does not feel greasy but takes a while to get absorbed into the skin completely. It makes the skin soft, smooth and moisturized. It keeps skin hydrated for a very long time. I don’t need to reapply it at the end of the day. It is not very greasy and you don’t need to wash your hands after application. Though I loved how moisturizing it was, but it gave me small minute pimples on back and upper arms. The other variants of Parachute Body Lotions never gave me breakouts. I understand there are many factors that cause breakouts but this was the only product that I introduced in my skincare regimen and I have acne prone back and shoulders. 

How do I use Parachute Advansed Soft Touch Body Lotion?

I apply it right after the shower on my little dry and damp skin. I also make sure to use it generously on drier parts like elbows, knees and feet. At bedtime, I make sure to use it as a hand cream and on my heels. 


  • Easy to hold packaging.
  • Lovely fragrance.
  • Good consistency.
  • Very moisturizing yet non sticky.
  • Works well on drier parts.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Suits all skin types. If you have acne prone body skin, stay away from it.


  • Causes pimples.
  • Takes a while to get absorbed into the skin.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall Parachute Advansed Soft Touch Body Lotion with Honey is a good body lotion for its moisturizing properties but it broke out on my sensitive areas so I will prefer the light blue and purple ones over it.

What’s your favorite body lotion for sensitive skin? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!



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