Monday, January 18, 2016

Parachute Advansed Body Lotion with Coconut Milk Review

Parachute Advansed Body Lotion
After coming back from vacations, my skin got totally dry and flakey due to sun exposure and salty water. As I had to carry limited items with me during traveling, I carried only a travel sized body lotion that got empty in no time. As soon as I entered my room, I was super happy to see Parachute Advansed Body Lotion with Coconut Milk waiting for me on my dressing table. All thanks to Mr MBT for keeping extra bottles of body lotions for me! 

Parachute Advansed Body Lotion is priced at 150 INR for 250ml and you can buy online HERE.

Usage and ingredients list
It has flip top lid!
Swatch of Parachute Advanced Body Lotion
The packaging of the body lotion is nice and unique. It has a lovely curvy shape that allows you to hold the bottle easily. All the information is written at the back of the bottle. The flip top lid is very convenient and allows you to use the product without wastage. It can be carried around in a bag while traveling with no fear of leakage.

The formula of the body lotion is simply perfect. It is neither very thin nor very thick. It has perfect consistency and applies to the skin easily. It gets absorbed into my normal to dry body skin quickly without leaving a greasy residue behind. The scent is mild and lovely so if you have sensitive nose then you will love it for sure. Did I tell you it does not smell of coconut? My skin feels soft and moisturized the moment I apply it!

I have normal skin with few dry areas and I do not feel the need to reapply this body lotion at the end of the day!

Mild and pleasant scent.
Unique curvy packaging!
Non sticky!
Skin feels soft and moisturized.
The formula of the body lotion is just right.
Absorbs into the skin quickly.
Suits all skin types including dry skin.
Reasonably priced.


Overall Thoughts:
Parachute Advansed Body Lotion is a budget friendly body lotion that makes skin soft and moisturized. It has lovely scent and gets absorbed into the skin quickly. I totally loved it and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to everyone!

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips:
Mix sunblock in the body lotion whenever you step out in the sun.
Keep it in a cool, dry place.

Have you tried this body lotion? I would love to know your experiences!

Stay pretty!

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