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Anaaya’s Monthly Favorites June 2021 | Best Toys for 2-4 years old

I keep sharing Anaaya’s favorite toys and other activities on Instagram stories and I have been getting a lot of messages from you guys to do monthly favorites posts of her toys and books. A lot of things and interests keep changing as a child grows. Anaaya is currently 3.5 years old and these are her toys toys and books that she has been playing with for the past few months.  So without further ado, let's get started!

1. Peppa Pig Toys BUY ONLINE

Anaaya loves Peppa Pig and her family and friends and she has seen almost all the episodes. We got her this set of Peppa Pig from Amazon and it’s a HIT as these toys keep Anaaya engaged for a longgggggggg time. She plays on her own and we can do our work for a good 1 hour. The figurines are of very good quality and the set include all the main characters of the Peppa Pig family- Peppa pig, George, mummy pig, daddy pig, suzy sheep, Danny dog, Emily elephant, Freddy fox and many more. There is also a table with 4 chairs and a castle for the children to play pretend and play.

2. Basketball Kit BUY ONLINE

We bought this basketball kit from Amazon last year and since we are not moving out due to the pandemic, it helps in keeping Anaaya active at least for 30 minutes. You will have to fill the sand and water combination at the base to keep it standing. The quality is very good except for the basket ball as you need to keep pumpimg in few weeks and the stand can be adjusted according to the height of the kids. If you are looking for the toys that keep children physically active, then you must get it. 

3. Magnetic Pad BUY ONLINE

This is the best thing we have to keep my toddler involved when I do household chores. It brings out the creativity out of a child and Anaaya loves making different shapes, alphabets, sun and many more things. I also use it to make Anaaya do revision of numbers and alphabets. She also loves playing with the magnets by popping them in and out. I bought mine from a Facebook seller and got an excellent quality pad.

4. Blocks BUY ONLINE

This is the best thing to keep a kid involved for at least an hour. Whenever I do my blogging work, I give these blocks to Anaaya and she makes different designs like bridge, chair, table, candle and anything that comes from her creative mind. It also helps in pincer grip and increase their attention span. Anaaya has been playing with the blocks since she started sitting and she still loves them. We also got Lego kind of blocks for Anaaya that are really good when your kid crosses 3. 

5. Colours BUY ONLINE

Anaaya is obsessed with all kinds of colours- be it crayons, pencil colours, water colours or finger painting. As she has started writing, she uses all kinds of colours but if your kid is less than 2.5, you must give her/him jumbo crayons. 

6. Truck and other vehicles BUY ONLINE

Vehicles are love for all kids. Anaaya loves playing on her own with vehicles. She makes bridges, parking and many other things with blocks and play with her vehicles. Recently we bought this truck which is of very good quality. It also comes with a tool box so it keeps kids engaged in screwing and unscrewing the nails. 

7. One leg scooter

We bought this Babyhug one leg scooter in the month of December and there has not been a single day since she has not used. It is very sturdy and the kids don’t fall even if they ride indoors.  Anaaya got love for one leg scooter after watching Peppa pig and her friends ride it. 

8. Play dough BUY ONLINE

Play dough brings out the creativity out of your child and improves their finger and hand muscles. Anaaya has been playing with play dough since she was 2. She loves making many things out it and one of them is her favorite ice cream. The only downside I found is the play dough tend to get dry if you don’t keep them back in their boxes.

9. Easel Board BUY ONLINE

This is the table we bought. For some privacy, I am not sharing Anaaya's clear pictures here on my blog!

Anaaya got it as a gift from one of my friends on her birthday and it’s like the best investment for a child. She loves writing alphabets, numbers and do drawing over it. One side there is a black board and the other side has a white board. You have to fill it with sand so it won’t stumble down. I am sure she would love to play pretend and play when she will start going to school!

10. Table Chair Set BUY ONLINE

As soon as Anaaya started writing, we bought this table chair set for her and it’s the best investment. Your child feels comfortable in sitting on the cute small chair and the table's height is good for writing. The set is of very good quality and we have been using it since a year. There is also a storage box in the table so kids can keep their books and other essential things in it.

11. Favorite Books BUY ONLINE

These are few books that Anaaya is obsessed with. I bought Three Little Pigs, Naisha at playarea (Anaaya loves going to parks so this book fascinates her!) and Pepper brushes his teeth (I particularly bought this because she hates brushing her teeth!). i also bought small Peppa pig board books for her! these books help kids to read and tell stories on their own! The prints are of very good quality and these books are her absolute favorites!

What are your child’s favorite toys or items? Do share in the comments section below. It will help other parents to choose for their kids wisely.

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  1. Even at this age, I play with peppa pig toys.. they are indeed too cute too handle..

  2. My son was in love with peppa pig toys and books at this age.

    1. i think almost all kids are fans of peppa pig!


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