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YumeTwins Box August 2019 Unboxing

If you remember, I did unboxing of Yume Twins long back and I must tell you it is a fun box. If you love kawaii items then you must definitely try it once. I am sure you will fall for their items. I got YumeTwins August 2019 box that is based on picnic theme as it will be summer season in Japan. Though it is currently monsoon season in India but going out on a trip on weekends has always been fun in our family and I am so happy I got this box.

yumetwins box
These are the things I got in my YumeTwins box

Price- $35/ Rs 2500 approx per month BUY ONLINE

I loved the YumeTwins purple box with sprinklers printed over it. It is a great gift for any girl or kid who love cute things. It also comes with a booklet that details all the items in the box! Now let me show you the items I got in my YumeTwins subscription box!

yumetwins review
The box!
yumetwins august 2019
The booklet which is written in English!

In this box, they have featured the character Totoro which is a cute fatty bunny.

yumetwins august 2019 review
The lunch boxes are of really good quality!
My Neighbor Totoro Lunch Box Set
It's very thoughtful of YumeTwins to include 2 lunch boxes- 1 for you and 1 for your friend. The lunch boxes are pastel in colors and look really pretty. They are made of plastic and can be reheated in the microwave with the lid on. It is made of good plastic and oh my toddler loved these lunch boxes a lot. I am definitely going to use these to keep dry food items on weekend trips.

yume twins august
Aren't these cute?
My Neighbor Totoro Towel Case Set
This is my favorite of all. As you all know, picnic can be messy and a hand towel is a must especially when you are with your baby. The case is super duper cute and you can carry your towel dry or wet in it. The towel itself is very soft with cute print on it. I have already kept in it my diaper bag. I am planning to use the case in keeping my ear buds secure from my kid.

yumetwins box review
The sheet!
My Neighbor Totoro Picnic Sheet
Picnic is incomplete with a picnic sheet and this sheet is as cute as other items in the box. It matches perfectly with all other items. It is made of plastic and comfortable to sit or lay your things on it. It is of good size and definitely stands out due to it's pastel color. I think it can be used as diaper changing sheet as well.

yumetwins unboxing
The cute cup
My Neighbor Totoro Cup
This cute, little cup is not only great for picnic but for home purpose as well. It is made of good quality plastic and can be used in microwave. It has can be hanged on a hook. The color and the design is so pretty that your child will love to have milk and juices in it.

I am so bad in using chopsticks :D
My Neighbor Totoro Bamboo Chopsticks
Though I am really not good into using chopsticks but these are anti slip chopsticks so I would love to try it again. These are made from bamboo so you can have your meal in Japanese style with these cute chopsticks.

All in all, I loved YumeTwins subscription box. It contains all things kawaii and unique. They include the items that are useful and will be used in your everyday life. I would happily recommend it to everyone! YumeTwins provides free worldwide shipping! I was not charged with customs!

Would you try YumeTwins?

Stay pretty & Loads of 💓!


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