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YumeTwins Box November 2016 Unboxing

yume twins box
YumeTwins Box November 2016 Unboxing
I love everything kawaii. Kawaii in Japan means cute. When I got this cutest subscription box, I literally screamed "super kawaii". My heart melts when I see anything small, cute and fluffy! YumeTwins* is not just a kawaii box but it is a combination of cuteness, fairy tales with a touch of darkness! It costs $29.99/ Rs 2000 approx per month. BUY ONLINE

yumetwins november 2016
YumeTwins Box November 2016 Unboxing
I loved the YumeTwins purple box with some cartoon characters over it. It is a great gift for any girl or kid who love cute things. It also comes with a booklet that details all the items in the box! Now let me show you the items I got in my YumeTwins subscription box!

yume twins review
YumeTwins Box November 2016 Unboxing
Shinada Baby Nature Plushie
I got the Baby Alpaca and I must say it is the cutest plush I got till date. It is super fluffy and so soft. I literally love hugging it whenever I see it. I had decorated it over my bed just in front of my pillows!

yumetwins november
YumeTwins Box November 2016 Unboxing
Re-ment's Sailor Moon Sweets Mascot
I love hanging it in my bag. The charm represents some kind of sweet! It is definitely unique and reminds me of an ice cream and a chocolate cube!

yume twins box review
YumeTwins Box November 2016 Unboxing
Kawaii Mini Notepad
It is a small, super cute notepad that you can carry with you anywhere. It can even be kept in your jeans pocket. The pages are super cute and are of good quality!

yume twins blog
YumeTwins Box November 2016 Unboxing
Enogumasan 2-Way Marker
This kawaii marker has become a staple product in my handbag. I reach for it every time I need to mark anything or just to explore my creativity during boredom! It looks super cute and is definitely very handy!

yume twins box november
YumeTwins Box November 2016 Unboxing
Sanrio Gudetama Stickers
There was a time when I felt nausea-tic by just looking at the picture of an egg but now I have started eating eggs and no doubt I loved these stickers. These are Japanese's favorite egg character!

yumetwins kawaii box
YumeTwins Box November 2016 Unboxing
Sanrio Kirimichan Post-it
I am not fond of fishes and salmon so these these stickers will be passed to someone who is non vegetarian!

yumetwins november box
YumeTwins Box November 2016 Unboxing
Rilakkuuma Tea Party Darjeeling Tea Bags
I don't drink tea so it will go to the tea lover. I loved the packaging of the tea bags. They are way too cute!

yumetwins past boxes
YumeTwins Box November 2016 Unboxing
Sumikko Gurashi Sushi Rubber Keychain Charm
It is a super cute keychain charm with a character of Sumikko Gurashi over it. If you are wondering what Sumikko Gurashi are, they are the characters of Japan!

All in all, I loved YumeTwins subscription box. It contains all things kawaii and are based on Japanese characters. They include the items that are useful and will be used in your everyday life. I would happily recommend it to everyone! YumeTwins provides free worldwide shipping!

Would you try YumeTwins?

Stay pretty!


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