Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Under Eye Gel Review

Herbs n more Natural Under Eye Gel
Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Under Eye Gel
Though I have oily skin (that gear towards the drier side in winters) but my eye area has always been dry. No matter what the season is, using an eye cream, serum or gel is a must have for me! Recently Herbs & More launched a new eye care product---> Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Under Eye Gel*. I was pretty excited to try it out because I love applying gels on my eye area! They feel so light and cool yet do their job effectively! 

Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Under Eye Gel costs Rs 450 for 50g. BUY ONLINE

Herbs n more under Eye Gel for Puffiness
Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Under Eye Gel
Eye Gel for puffy eyes
Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Under Eye Gel
picture of herbs n more under eye gel
Swatch of Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Under Eye Gel
The under eye gel comes in a tub packaging with a flip top lid. Though I was not happy with the tub packaging (you have to make sure that your finger is clean) but I was glad to find the flip top lid that is way better than screw top lid! 

As soon as you open the lid, you are greeted with a lovely scent. Though the scent is really good but I really do not prefer fragrances in eye care products! The under eye gel is clear gel with good consistency. You just need to take adequate amount of gel and pat it gently around your eye area! It gets absorbed quickly and does not leave sticky residue behind. The fragrance also fades as soon as it gets absorbed! It contains cocoa extract, chicory extract, Vitamin E & C that are really effective in reducing dark circles and puffiness!

I have been using Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Under Eye Gel for more than a month. It definitely helps in reducing eye puffiness that is caused due to lack of sleep or crying. With regular usage, it almost makes them disappear. My eye area feels tight and healthy. I have minor dark circles but I have not seen any visible difference to them! I feel it does not work much in reducing dark circles!

- Reduces puffiness within few days!
- Under eye gel feels cool upon application.
- Gets absorbed into the skin quickly.
- Soothes the eye area!
- Reasonably priced!

- Tub packaging. I wish it was available in tube!
- Not moisturizing enough if you have very dry under eye area!
- Does not work on dark circles!
- If you have ageing under eye area, it may not work!
- A bit strong fragrance!

Overall Thoughts:
Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Under Eye Gel  is a great under eye gel to soothe the eye area. It reduces puffiness and makes skin tight and healthy. I would definitely recommend it to people who have puffy and tired eyes!

Rating: 3.5/5

My Tips:
- Use a spatula to take out the gel!
- Store in the refrigerator to get even better cooling sensation!

Stay pretty!


  1. Hi Megha, I really need a gel against my under eye puffiness and this seems working very good! Have a good day :)

    1. Yeah Chiara if you have eye puffiness always use an under eye gel!

  2. I even love trying eye gels. And this seems promising

  3. I agree on that tube packaging. Its economical (and hygienic) that way.

    1. Yeah it could be in the tube because the consistency is good enough to gush out of the tube!

  4. I have never used any eye gel.. But definitely keep it mind ;)

    1. Eye gels are great for people with oily eye area and puffiness!

  5. It will best for my under eye therapy. Nice blog with wonderful product.

  6. THis works for puffiness??, I have in the mornings!!! i must get it


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