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Sigma On Point Detail Brush Set Review

Sigma On Point Collection
Sigma On Point Detail Brush Set
I am a huge makeup addict and if you read my blog regularly, you would know how much I love makeup brushes! They really make a difference when applying makeup. I really suggest you to invest in good makeup brushes as they never expire and would make makeup application smooth and less time consuming! Recently Sigma came with On Point Brush Collection* that features 8 brushes that give a detailed finish to the makeup. If you like to do a lot of detail work in your makeup then you MUST grab them. Sigma On Point Detail Brush Set costs $98/ Rs 6000 approx! BUY ONLINE

Each brush comes in individual packing. The packaging is really thoughtful. As soon as you open the flip of the box, you will see a pull here tag where you just need to pull the strip and the brush will come out!
Sigma On Point Detail Brush Set Review
Sigma On Point Detail Brush Set

The set consists of 8 detailed brushes and I will tell you how do I use them!

Sigma Lip Brush
Sigma On Point Detail Brush Set
Sigma Makeup Brushes
Sigma On Point Detail Brush Set

L06 Precise Lip Line Brush & L04 Detailed Lip Brush 
The Detailed Lip Brush allows you to apply the lipstick precisely within the lip line. It can also be used as spot conceal to minute blemishes!

The Precise Lip Line brush is definitely the best lip brush I own. It applies lip line perfectly and fills in dark lipsticks so neatly and accurately. My lips look defined and perfect! This brush can also be used to fill in your brows!

Sigma Detailed Brushes
Sigma On Point Detail Brush Set
Sigma Eye Brushes
Sigma On Point Detail Brush Set

E41 Duo Fibre Blend Brush, E43 Domed Blending & E62 Cut crease Brush
I really hate blending the eye shadow in my crease because the brushes somehow poke my eyes whilst blending. This duo fibre blending brush has soft bristle that feel extremely comfortable against the skin and make blending process easy! It blends the eye shadows really well and softens any harsh edges!

E43 Domed Blending is great for applying eye shadows on the outer corners of the eyes! They blendsthe eye shadows and make smokey looks soft and beautiful! The best thing I loved about this brush is it does not absorb the eye shadows unlike other blending brushes!

I have not tried the cut crease eye look yet but I am sure E62 Cut crease Brush will make the task easier due to the angle shape!

Best Sigma Brushes
Sigma On Point Detail Brush Set
Sigma Fan Brush
Sigma On Point Detail Brush Set

E04 Lash Fan Brush & B12 Bent Liner Brush
E04 Lash Fan Brush is basically used to apply mascara. It applies mascara from root to tip beautifully without giving you spikey lashes. My lashes indeed stand out whenever I apply mascara using this brush!

I am really not good at applying eye liners but this brush makes eye liner application super easy! I particularly use this brush with gel liners and it applies the liner so easily due to its bent ferrule! This brush can also be used as a lip liner!

Sigma Contour Brush
Sigma On Point Detail Brush Set
Sigma Contouring Brush
Sigma On Point Detail Brush Set

F61 Angled Cream Contour Brush
As you can see from the shape itself, F61 Angled Cream Contour Brush is used for contouring the cheeks and nose naturally. Apply and blend out the product for a natural look!

- I loved the 3 ring design on the ferrule!
- The On Point Brush collection comes with all the detailed brushes that a makeup lover needs for detailed makeup application! It is great for makeup professionals!
- The bristles do not bleed or shed!
- No weird scent!
- Made from exclusive SigmaTech Fibers!
- Sigma provides worldwide shipping.
- I was not charged with customs duty!
- The brushes are available individually as well!

- Expensive but worth every penny!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall I would highly suggest all makeup lovers to try Sigma On Point Detail Brush Set. It has all the makeup brushes that you need for doing detailed makeup! The brushes are of good quality and do their job well!

Rating: 4.9/5

Would you try Sigma On Point Detail Brush Set?

Stay pretty!


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    1. Do try these makeup brushes Anju. They are worth trying!

  2. Sigma brushes are in my wishlist from long time,. :) Nice review,..

    1. You must try them now! They are worth investing!

      Thanx :)

  3. We always need some brushes! Happy new year dear Megha :) :) :)

    1. I need loads of brushes :D

      Happy New year to u too sweets :)


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