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Nature Sure Hair Growth Oil Review

I confess I had loads of hair oil and because I don't use them all, I gave Nature Sure Hair Growth Oil to my cousin. I had tried few of Nature Sure products and was really impressed with the results. After finishing the whole bottle, I am here with a review of Nature Sure Hair Growth Oil.

Nature Sure Hair Growth Oil review
Nature Sure Hair Growth Oil

Price- Rs 339 for 100ml BUY ONLINE

The hair oil comes in a cardboard box packaging with all the information written over it. The actual product comes in a clear plastic bottle with a white flip top lid. The packaging is very simple but very easy to use.

how to use Nature Sure Hair Growth Oil
Description of Nature Sure Hair Growth Oil
nature sure oil review
More description

The hair oil looks dark brown in color with good consistency. The scent is very light, herbal and hardly noticeable.

The consistency of the hair oil is perfect. It is neither very thick nor very runny. It is quite light and does not feel heavy or greasy. After warming up in the hands, apply it directly onto your scalp and hair. After that massage it gently using your fingers and leave it overnight to get utmost results out of it. The scent does not tend to intensify and remains mild. It penetrates the hair shaft and not just coat the hair. The hair oil is easy to rinse and does not leave the hair greasy or limp. My cousin's hair feels soft, smooth, shiny, healthy and manageable with the first few uses. With continuous usage for over two months, her hair fall almost stopped (She loses 3-4 strands each time she comb hair except when weather changes!) leaving dry ends soft and hydrated. It also helps in reducing hair loss, promotes hair growth and prevents dandruff, lice and dry flakes. It is 100% natural oil and can be used daily. It nourishes hair really well and imparts a healthy shine to it. My cousin didn't suffer from dandruff during it's use.

The hair oil is a blend of neelibhringadi, bhringraj, mahamohi, sesame and triphala that are extremely good in taking care of hair.

1. Good consistency.
2. Herbal fragrance.
3. 100% pure natural ingredients.
4. Makes hair soft, smooth and shiny.
5. Controls hair fall.
6. Treats dandruff, lice and dry flakes.
7. Makes hair strong.
8. Not a thick oil.
9. Easy to wash off.
10. Travel friendly packaging.

1. Pricey.

Overall Thoughts:
Overall my cousin loved Nature Sure Hair Growth Oil. It helps in keeping hair healthy and nourished. It does what a hair oil should do so I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Have you tried anything from Nature Sure? Share in the comments section below!

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Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!


  1. Nice product. Expensive but works well

  2. So many great things about this oil that I would love to try it right the way. For what is concerns the price, natural and green products are always a little bit pricey but in the end it is worth the money.

    1. i so agree with you. they are very effective and always worth the price!


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