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Eqsta Hand Sanitizers Review

I use hand sanitizers a lot when I am outside the home. With diarrhea, stomach infection and viral fever on high in Hyderabad, I literally can't take the risk of me or my family getting sick. If a mommy is healthy then only the family is healthy. So before eating anything outside I make sure to clean my hands with hand sanitizers. Recently I came across Eqsta Hand Sanitizers and I must say they smell wonderful and clean hands effectively without stickiness.
hand sanitizer alcohol based
Eqsta Hand Sanitizers

 Price- Rs 50 for 50ml and Rs 380 for 500ml
Use the coupon code EQSTALADY on Amazon to get 23% off on your order.
Price vary according to the variants
BUY ONLINE for Rose fragrance

BUY ONLINE for Cowboy fragrance

BUY ONLINE for Green Apple with aloe vera fragrance

best hand sanitizers
The travel size hand sanitizers
EQSTA Hand Sanitizers come in 3 variants- Rose with aloe vera moisturizer, Cowboy Fragrance and Green Apple with aloe vera moisturizer. I really appreciate that they come in 2 sizes- 50ml us apt for keeping in your bag or diaper bag and 500ml for keeping them outside the house so whenever guests come, they clean their hands and come inside .

best hand sanitizer in india
The Cowboy fragrance
hand sanirizers ingredients
best hand sanitizer for travel
Green Apple with Aloe Vera fragrance
ingredients of hand sanitizers
best hand sanitizer in india
Rose with Aloe Vera Moisturizer
best hand sanitizers in india
The packaging is really pretty as the bottles are transparent and the hand sanitizers are of different colors. All the three colors- pink, blue and green are attractive. The small bottles come with flip top lid and the bigger one come with pump packaging.

The consistency of the hand sanitizers is really good and gets dry really fast. You just need to take 2 drops of hand sanitizer and rub it briskly between your palms. It does not feel sticky unlike other hand sanitizers and feels as if there was nothing on your hands. You don’t need to rinse it off with water. It kills 99.9% germs without drying your hands.

The fragrance of all the 3 variants us wonderful especially the rose one. The rose with aloe vera smells mesmerizing.

EQSTA Hand Sanitizers contain ethyl alcohol derived from Plants and Aloe vera which moisturizes your hands.   

Now you might be thinking alcohol must not be present in hand sanitizers. Now let me tell you according to the researches, the best hand sanitizers contain a minimum of 60% alcohol which is present in Eqsta Hand Sanitizers. If soap and water for cleaning hands is not readily available then alcohol based sanitizers are the best ones. EQSTA kills most bacteria and viruses when used properly.

1. Both the packaging are really handy at home and outside home.
2. Comes in 3 variants.
3. 2 drops are enough for both hands.
4. No need to rinse your hands with water. It kills 99.9% germs.
5. Dries really fast.
6. The scent is really wonderful.
7. With Moisturizer, Hands do not feel dry post application.
8. Non sticky.
9. Made in India
10. They also export to 6 to 7 countries. I have seen online.
11. Reasonably priced.
12. Made with naturally renewable ethanol including plant based alcohol.

1. Must not be used for kids as they are alcohol based!
2. Hand sanitizers cannot replace water and soap!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall I am very happy with EQSTA Hand Sanitizers. All the variants are good and effectively cleans hands. They do not dry out the hands and keep my family free from bacteria and viruses. Highly recommended to everyone.

My Tips For Healthy Monsoon Habit :
1. Always carry hand sanitizer in your bag whenever you are out. 
2. Use it before eating or touching your baby because you never know what kind of bacteria and viruses you have on your hands. Hands are the most active organs of our body.
3. Take sufficient amount of hand sanitizer so it cover both hands, fingers and he back of your hands.
4. Do not rinse or wipe after use.
5. Make sure you rub hands till the hand sanitizer is completely dry.
6. Use only liquid hand soap and water when you are at home 

Have you tried EQSTA Hand Sanitizers? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!


  1. This review is making me try the sanitizer 🙊 the images are literally spectacular ❤

    1. You will love these sanitizers.

      Awww thanks so much 😍

  2. Good to know that this sanitizer is not sticky

  3. Yes, I always carry sanitizer with me.

    These sanitizer bottle is so cute & vibrant.
    I will buy soon.

    1. Me too. It's always in my diaper bag!

      Yeah the colors are so good. Do try and let me know your thoughts!

  4. Sticky sanitizer se main dur rehti hu, ye mujhe bhi accha laga bahut cute bhi hai
    Abhi stock khatam karke isko try karungi 😊

  5. I have never heard of this brand for hand sanitizer. Wilk check them out soon next time. 🙂

  6. That's really good I was thinking about to buy a new one another, and after reading your blog I will definitely use it.

  7. EQSTA Hand Sanitizers sound like a must have for everybody!The review is detailed and I love that you have shared a discount coupon :)

  8. I always keep santizer in my kids bag. .Next time will try this


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