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Sandook Vatajata Hair Oil Review

Hair oil is a must have in my hair care regimen. I have been using hair oils religiously before shampooing my hair. I prefer natural and Ayurvedic hair oils over chemical laden ones. Recently I came across a new brand Sandook and tried Sandook Vatajata Hair Oil. After using it for 3 weeks, I am ready to review it for you guys.

Sandook Vatajata Hair Oil
Sandook Vatajata Hair Oil

Price- Rs 299 for 100ml BUY ONLINE

Sandook Vatajata Hair Oil comes in a dark brown plastic bottle with a golden flip top lid. The packaging itself comes sealed in a plastic wrapper to ensure that the product has not been opened or used. It is quite light and can be easily carried around in a bag without any fear of leakage or spillage. The hair oil is golden yellow in color and the scent is light, woody and pleasant.

sandook hair oil
About the brand
vatajata hair oil
Description of Sandook Vatajata Hair Oil
ayurvedic hair oil
The flip top lid is an added bonus!
sandook review
This is how the oil looks!

The consistency of the hair oil is perfect. It is neither very thick nor very runny. It is quite light and does not feel heavy or greasy. Instead of warming it up, I apply it directly onto my scalp and hair. I then massage it gently using my fingers and leave it overnight to get utmost results out of it. The scent does not tend to intensify and remains mild. I feel it penetrates the hair shaft and not just coat the hair. The hair oil is easy to rinse and does not leave my hair greasy or limp. My hair feels soft, smooth, very shiny, healthy and manageable with the first few uses. With continues usage for a month, my hair looks really healthy with lots of shine added to them. It also helps in controlling hair fall due to weather changes. It leaves my dry ends soft and hydrated. I have also noticed that my hair looks denser and thick with its regular usage. It is natural hair oil and is free from mineral oils and chemicals. It nourishes my hair really well and imparts a healthy shine to it. It contains all good natural ingredients like sesame oil, camphor, banyan, jatamansi etc that are really great in improving the quality of hair.

Recently I had used lots of heating tools on my hair but with its regular usage, my hair are not damaged. The brand says it also reduces split ends but since I don’t have any so can’t say. It also makes head feel so nice and calm.


  1. Lightweight yet moisturizing.
  2. Mild fragrance.
  3. Rinses off easily.
  4. Makes hair soft, healthy and dense.
  5. Gives shine to the hair.
  6. Helps in controlling hair fall.
  7. Free from parabens, chemicals and mineral oils.
  8. Improves sleep as it helps in reducing accumulated stress.
  9. Reasonably priced.
  10. Travel friendly packaging.
  1. None.

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I am very happy with Sandook Vatajata Hair Oil. It has changed the texture of my thin hair and my hair feels more heavy and smooth. My dry ends feels soft and knot free. It also makes me feel good and aids in good sleep. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

My Tips:
  1. Apply it twice a week.
  2. Massage it gently with the pores of your fingers.
  3. Leave it overnight.
  4. Use sulphate free shampoo like Palmer's Olive Oil Shampoo.
  5. You can mix castor oil to get utmost benefits.

Have you tried Sandook Vatajata Hair Oil? How was your experience? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!


  1. Looks like a good hair oil, I will try it soon

  2. A hair oil that improves sleep and reduces stress sounds fantastic! I am a big insomniac and work a very stressful job and this product might be my salvation. I will go right the way to see if it can be shipped in Italy too. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am sure they will send you the oil to Italy. It's just an awesome hair oil.

  3. Replies
    1. Ha aunty results are visible only when I used twice.

  4. Talk about my hair problems.. OMG! M tired of hairfall.. Heard of this brand for the first time.. sounds really good

    1. If you are really facing hair fall issues then trust me it will be very beneficial for you. It has improved my hair texture a lot!

      Even I heard about this brand for the first time.

  5. is this oil good for itchy scalp and hair growth??

    1. I dont think it will work well for itchy scalp! Yes its good for hair growth!


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