Friday, August 2, 2019

The Best Straw Cup for Toddlers

This is going to be a very short post as I am not doing review of this cute sipper cup. I have been getting so many emails every week regarding which bottle I am using for my toddler Anaaya! So here we go!

munchkin sippy cup straw
Munchkin Straw Cup

Price- Rs 349 for 295 ml BUY ONLINE

I stopped using Farlin Sippy Cup when Anaaya was 1 year old. I bought Munchkin Mighty Grip Flip Straw Cup after lots of research and I am so happy that I got the perfect one for my baby. The straw cup is curvy in shape that allows your toddler to hold the cup easily. I got the pink cup with orange top. The color is very bright and indeed stands out in the diaper bag. Anaaya does not drink enough water with glass so with this straw cup she is taking enough water as she really enjoys sucking through it. The straw is made of silicone and comfortable for your baby. The quality is very good and the material is BPA free.

munchkin straw cup review
The straw is made of silicone and very comfortable to suck!

Now the main reason I bought it: it is spill proof and it really is. I haven't faced spilling issues with this straw bottle that I had faced with the Disney straw bottle that I got from D Mart. It stays in my bag safely with no leakage or spillage. Though I feel these days 295 ml gets short of water throughout the day so I carry extra water in a flask whenever I travel out for a long time. 

Initially it was difficult for Anaaya to suck it but then I find you need to squeeze the straw after opening the lid. I taught Anaaya to suck through Frooti and believe me she is now an expert in sucking water or juices from any bottle or straw.

I am very happy with Munchkin Mighty Straw Cup and would definitely recommend it to all mommies.

What is your toddler's favorite straw bottle?

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!


  1. Maine to khair kabhi baccho k liye inko use nahi kiya per ab gifting k.liye accha option hai, dhyan rakhungi 😊

    1. Gift k liye to bohot acha h. Traveling k liye bhi badiya hai.


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