Tuesday, January 15, 2019

St. D'vence Moroccan Argan Face Wash Review

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know how much I raved about St. D'vence Autumn Edition Body Lotion. I liked it so much that I gifted one to my friend as well and she liked a lot too! Today I am going to review another product from the same brand that i have been loving a lot for the last few weeks- St. D'vence Moroccan Argan Face Wash!

Price- Rs 299 for 150ml BUY ONLINE

St. D'vence Moroccan Argan Face Wash comes in a clear plastic bottle with a white pump packaging! Though I always love pump packaging but they are very difficult to travel with! The pump dispenses the right amount of face wash each time and is very convenient to use when you are in hurry! All the information is printed at the back of the bottle along with the ingredients!

The face wash is dark brown in color with natural scent of raw honey! The scent is really very pure and gives me the feeling of herbal extract that you get when you visit a herbal store! The face wash lathers well and feels soft on the skin. I have oily, combination, acne prone skin and it suits me to the core! It does not leave sticky residue behind and makes my skin clean, bright and balanced! I would not say it makes my skin hydrated but it does not strip off the moisturizer from the skin! It is infused with argan oil, raw wild honey, aloe vera and vitamin E that are great in hydrating the skin! It also helps in preventing premature ageing! 

The face wash does not contain any comedogenic ingredient and is completely safe for all skin types!

- SLS/SLES and paraben free!
- Contains all good ingredients that keeps skin moisturized!
- Perfect face wash for winter season!
- No artificial fragrance!
- Makes skin soft, moisturized and bright!
- Does not dry out the skin!
- Very gentle to the skin!
- Prevents premature ageing!

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
St. D'vence Moroccan Argan Face Wash is a mild and gentle face wash that is great for all skin types especially dry skin! It is free from chemicals and does not dry out the skin. I love how bright and healthy my skin looks after using it! Highly recommended to everyone!

Have you tried St. D'vence Moroccan Argan Face Wash? Would you love to try it?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. The product seems to be really good as it's chemical free too..would definitely try this out and share my feedback on it

    1. Do try it Ritu. Its very gentle on the skin too!

  2. I always look for facewash which gives u fresh n soft skin after facewash

  3. What an amazing igredient list, all great and natural ingredients just like you said. I believe that there is nothing to criticize about this product, it seems perfect!

    1. Yes Flo. Its just perfect in everything. It contains raw honey too which is fantastic for the skin!


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