Friday, January 4, 2019

My Experience with Specifix Professional Age Defying Gold Facial

Recently on my visit to a salon, the staff there recommended me to try their most popular Specifix Professional Age Defying Gold Facial that has got a positive response by almost all their clients. As my mother in law was with my baby, I thought of grabbing the opportunity! Read on to know my experience!

Before narrating my experience, first ill tell you why one should know that our skin naturally loses some of its elasticity with age; and my salon esthetician suggested me to go with Specifix Professional Age-defying facial, which incorporates micro-gold particles into its formulations; this is because gold improves skin tone and elasticity, provides anti-aging benefits and improves blood circulation. The gold particles help in binding with the amino acids, that works on the fine lines, age spots and prevent premature aging, while even toning the skin.

Gold infused facial treatment naturally rejuvenates skin and reduces signs of aging,  hence Specifix Professional gold - age-defying facial kit, which has 4 tubes of 50g each- gold scrub, gold gel, gold cream, and gold pack.

Before doing facial, my esthetician used Specifix Hydrating Cleansing lotion, to clean my face thoroughly! She then exfoliated my skin (FACT: as you age your skin needs exfoliation, because every 28 days you get a new skin and this helps in it removing the dead skin) with gold scrub which has gel-like consistency and is infused with gold particles, glycerin and aloe extract. It does not feel harsh and gently exfoliates the skin. My skin felt smooth after scrubbing with this gold scrub! It isn’t sticky and has a soothing fragrance!

Post which she massaged my face with Age-defying gold gel, which is enriched with 24-carat gold particles, allantoin and aloe extract that provide deep intense hydration and fight back premature signs of aging. I’ll give an extra point for the age-defying gold massage gel, post-scrub the pores are open and while massaging with the gel, which has high concentrated active ingredients and penetrates deeper into the skin, leaving it well nourished and hydrated.

The third step is to use gold cream, here it is important to have a professional facial done, as the strokes help in minimizing the open pores and helps in a better blood circulation which indeed helps in glowing skin while removing the toxins. I asked her not to use on me as I have acne prone skin and it contains comedogenic ingredients that might give breakouts on my skin!{ If you have oily, dry or normal skin, you can use it without a second thought}Yes I check for ingredients even at salon! 

The last step was one of my favorite steps! Gold Pack which smells and feels so good just a thin layer of gold pack all over my face and neck for  good 10-15 minutes, Pat dry and post this follow your CTM regime at home {for enhancing the duration of the treatment follow it up with  Specifix Age-defying Homecare Range} 

After rinsing, my skin looked clearer, brighter and definitely young and healthier.

If you are above 25, you must go for Specifix Age Defying Gold Facial that helps to correct photoageing, reduces wrinkles, smoothens skin texture and helps regain firmness!

- Hydrates skin!
- Nicely packed!
- Calming aroma!
- Superb for people who have crossed 25!
- Reduces wrinkles!
- Instantly brightens up the skin!
- Do not cause irritation!
- Suits all skin types!
- Reasonably priced for the quantity! You can use it more than 6 times!

- Contains parabens!
- Gold cream would not suit acne prone skin!

Overall Thoughts:
Specifix Professional Age Defying Gold Facial Kit is the best facial kit I have ever tried! it suits all skin type and makes my skin look young, radiant, smooth and healthy. Highly recommended!

Have you tried any facial from Specifix?

Stay pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. I love trying facial kits for myself and this one sounds fabulous for my dry and dehydrated skin....would surely check this out

  2. I think it will not suit my skin, nice honest review

    1. yours is same as mine. just skip the cream step! Everything else is superb for acne prone skin as well!

  3. Wow, mujhe ye useful laga, dekhti hu milta hai to buy karungi 👍👍

  4. This looks really nice. I have oily skin. As you said we could try I will definitely see to it.Thanks

    1. do try it dear. i already had gone for this facial twice!

  5. I have oily skin so I have to be very choosy while selecting the type of facial I need..This one seems to be suitable for my skin

  6. I like this kit but for my skin type its a big no.


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