Thursday, July 12, 2018

My Diary Haul from Doodle Collection

Today I am going to share my diaries haul from my favorite website- Doodle Collection. I own few of their diaries previously and they have been my companion till date. I love diaries and l own loads of them. 

I got a total of 5 diaries and each are unique in it's own way. Let me show them to you one by one!

Head over heals Personalized Diary Rs 260 after discount BUY ONLINE

It's my favorite diary among all and depicts my personality. I love all things girly and romantic. I absolutely loved the cover that says love you to the moon and back. There is a heart hanging over the spiral that will have your name on it. I don't know why they didn't sent me the diary with my name written. It is A5 spiral bound fun diary with varius separator pages in between. It is such a high quality diary at such a reasonably price tag.

Clutch Diary Rs 556 after discount BUY ONLINE

It is secret kind of diary that looks like a clutch but is actually a diary. It is perfect for working people that not only comes with diaries but also has slots for debit and credit cards, pen and you can also keep your slim phone. It also has a small mirror that you can use to check yourself. It has metallic finish and looks so classy. The pages are unruled. The best part you can make it personalized too.

Denim Flower Diary Rs 475 after discount BUY ONLINE

It is a beautiful classy diary with denim cover and small golden detailing. It is very compact and can be easily carried in a bag. The diary has ruled pages and is perfect for anyone with classy taste.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Diary Rs 318 after discount BUY ONLINE

My zodiac sign is Scorpio and it's a perfect and fun diary for me. Though pages are normally ruled but I absolutely love it's cover. It says "I have a built in bullshit detector" that truly reflects my personality. 

Bright and Messy Diary Rs 395 after discount BUY ONLINE

It comes in 2 colors- black and white and I chose my favorite black. It is such a colorful and attractive diary with designer pages. It is a high quality diary and a head turner. It also reflects my personality as my mind is not tidy lol.

Overall, I highly recommend everyone to check Doodle Collection. Their diaries are of high quality with fun factor and with affordable price tag. If you love writing you must check out their website.

The diaries that I own and currently using them are
- Neon Diary
- Princess Diary

Do you love writing?

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!


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