Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Pond's Light Moisturizer Review

If you are looking lightweight yet moisturizing moisturizer then this post is for you. Today I am going to review Pond's Light Moisturizer.

Price- Rs 199 for 150 ml. BUY ONLINE

The moisturizer comes in a an aqua blue and white tub with a screw top lid. The packaging is slightly heavy but can be easily carried in a bag. It won't create a fuss in your bag. I have acne prone skin and this moisturizer contains few comedogenic ingredients so I have gifted it to my cousin to try and review it for me.

Pond's Light Moisturizer is white in color with a soft creamy consistency. It is not thick like usual creams but has very soft and velvety touch. Since it is a water based moisturizer, it gets absorbed into the skin quickly and feels very light. It moisturizes the skin really well and will suit all skin types except for very dry skin. It contains Vitamin E and glycerin that makes skin soft and healthy. My cousin's skin feels moisturized yet oil free all the day. She has normal skin type.

You can use it twice a day!

- Lightweight.
- Non oily.
- Can be used all year round.
- Very moisturizing.
- Suits all skin types especially oily and normal skin.
- Does not break out the skin.
- Makes skin look soft, smooth and healthy.
- Water based. Gets absorbed quickly.
- Acts as a makeup base.

- Jar packaging. Either use clean finger or a q tip.
- Might not suit acne prone skin.

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, my cousin loved Pond's Light Moisturizer. It makes her skin hydrated and glowing. It can be used all year round and at any time of the time without making your skin look like a shiny ball. Highly recommended!

Have you tried Pond's Light Moisturizer? Did you like it?

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!


  1. I just cant believe what hpnd 2 my skin.i used it only for 1 ni8 nxt day it bought me new pimples anyway it dont keep my skin oilfree as i have oilyskin it is very sticky if am in a cold place too.wt hpnd....!!!!i dont keep my skin hydrated.why this hpnd????

    1. its not for acne or pimple prone skin! I already mentioned it in my review!


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