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Doodle Collection Neon Diary Review

Doodle Collection Neon Blue Diary
If you read my blog regularly, you MUST know I had reviewed Doodle Collection Princess Pink Diary! If not, you can read it HERE. It is “one of the prettiest diaries I own”! Doodle Collection has lots of pretty, chic and unique diaries and notebooks. Recently they have launched their new collection- NEON! Being a fan of bright colors, I absolutely loved this collection and chose my favorite color- Neon Blue. It is priced at 545 INR and you can buy online directly from website HERE or on Flipkart at discounted price of 490 INR HERE.

Doodle Collection Neon Blue Diary
Aren't these AWESOME?
Doodle Collection Neon Blue Diary
Description of Doodle Collection Diary
Doodle Collection Neon Diary* comes securely packed in a cardboard box packaging. I was really impressed with how firmly and securely it was packaged. The diary itself was neatly wrapped with a smooth plastic wrapper to avoid any wear and tear. Like Princess Pink Diary, this diary is also a HEAD TURNER! It is small in size and I can easily carry it in a bag while traveling. I have started shopping for my wedding and I really need to maintain a shopping list just to avoid any confusion. This is the first time I am shopping like CRAZY! *laughs*

I totally loved the cover of the diary with “The Joy of Writing” embossed over it! It is indeed a joy of writing in such a chic and bright diary! The cover is made of black PU and feels smooth and nice to the touch like leather. The diary looks fancy and can be used by both men and women. They are various other colors available so there is something for everyone! It is perfect with regard to size and thickness. It contains 200 neon blue blank superb quality pages and is great to prepare any list. If you like line spacing then you might not like it but I feel comfortable in blank pages. You are free to write anywhere! The pages are gilt edged and held very securely. I have not faced issues of pages coming out. 

The cover is made of smooth leather.
Feels light to carry.
Small in size. You can easily drop it in your handbag.
Comes in 3 colors and 2 patterns.
The pages are of superb quality.
The pages are neon in color!
Reasonably priced.
I loved the PACKAGING and FREE delivery service! 


Overall Thoughts:
If you love writing then Doodle Collection Neon Diary is worth trying. It is of superb quality and you can flaunt it effortlessly. I would highly recommend it to everyone who love writing or maintain diaries!

Rating: 5/5

Do you like Neon Diaries? Have you purchased diaries online?

Stay pretty!

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