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Khandige Nilibhrngadi Hair Oil Review

Khandige Nilibhrngadi Hair Oil Review
I have been using this hair oil for a long time. If you read my blog regularly, you would now I raved about Khandige products in my posts many times. This time I had tried Khandige Neelibhrngadi Hair Oil that is very popular in Kerala. I love hair of Keralites. It is herbal hair oil and does not contain harmful chemicals.

Khandige Neelibhrngadi Hair Oil costs Rs 349 for 100ml. BUY ONLINE

I had also reviewed Khandige Bhrngamalakadi Hair Oil and it worked really well on me. Neelibhrngadi Hair oil also comes in dark glass bottle with a screw top cap. There is a stopper that dispenses the right quantity of oil.

Khandige Nilibhrngadi Hair Oil Review
The hair oil is neither very thick nor very light and is perfect to be applied at bedtime. I simply apply this oil on my hair and scalp and massage it well with my fingertips. I then wash it next day with a mild shampoo. I rinsed off quickly and does not need loads of shampoo.

Khandige Nilibhrngadi Hair Oil Review
With regular usage, I have noticed that Khandige Organic Neelibhrngadi Hair Oil prevents and controls hair fall. It gives shine to the hair and my hair does look dark! It also prevents dandruff and gives nice texture to them. I have been using it for more than 3 weeks and I have noticed that it makes my hair look dense and fuller.

It contains coconut oil, cow milk, bhringraj, amla and many other effective herbs that are great for hair. The oil also helps in improving sleep and gives soothing effect to the brain!

- Gives nice shine to the hair.
- Makes hair strong and prevents hair fall.
- Prevents dandruff.
- Herbal hair oil.
- No chemicals.
- Gives nice texture to the hair.
- Resonably priced.

- None!

Overall Thoughts
Overall I really adore Khandige to come up with natural and organic products. I have tried few of their oils and all are effective and work. I would definitely recommend Khandige Neelibhrngadi Hair Oil to everyone.

Have you tried anything from Khandige?

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