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Khandige Organic Bhrngamalakadi Hair Oil Review

Khandige Organic Bhrngamalakadi Hair Oil Review
I am taking utmost care of my hair in my pregnancy phase and with intake of calcium and iron tablets, my hair are definitely getting better with very less hair fall! These days, I am trying to use all organic products for my skin and hair! Today I going to review an organic hair oil- Khandige Organic Bhrngamalakadi Hair Oil.

Khandige Organic Bhrngamalakadi Hair Oil costs Rs 266 for 100ml! BUY ONLINE

Khandige Organic Bhrngamalakadi Hair Oil comes in a dark brown glass bottle with a white screw top lid! All the information is printed on the bottle! There is a stopper with 2 hole that dispenses the oil easily and dropwise! This organic hair oil is made of sesame oil, bhringraj, amla, yastimadhu and cow milk that are really good for your hair!

Remove the cap and you will find 2 holes that dispenses the oil dropwise

Khandige Organic Bhrngamalakadi Hair Oil Review
The hair oil is brown is color and the texture is slightly thick so I make sure to apply it in less quantity. I hope you know that I have fine hair and oiling too much causes me hair fall! I sometimes mix it with Soulflower Castor Oil and I love how soft and voluminous my hair feels post wash!

The fragrance is kind of ayurvedic products and definitely smells pure! I apply it the night before I wash my hair! It washes off easily with any shampoo and gives such a beautiful texture to my hair! It also prevents dandruff and yes I can confidently say I have not faced dandruff issues yet! It also helps in promoting hair growth! Bhringraj is known for curing baldness and hair thinning! It would be too early to say regarding hair growth as I have been using it since 3 weeks only! You got to use it for 3-4 months to see hair growth with any hair oil! It helps in preventing premature graying of hair and strengthens hair roots!

- Pure and organic!
- Contains all good ingredients!
- Helps in reducing hair fall!
- Prevents dandruff!
- Improves the texture of hair!
- Gives shine to hair!
- I don't feel the need to use a conditioner! It makes hair soft!
- Prevents grey hair!
- Reasonably priced for the pure hair oil!

- Glass bottle is not travel friendly!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, Khandige Organic Bhrngamalakadi Hair Oil is a pure and effective hair oil to prevent hair fall, improve texture of hair and strengthen the hair roots! It is a combination of sesame oil, bhringraj, amla and cow milk! It has definitely improved the overall look of my hair and I would happily recommend it to everyone!

What is your favorite hair oil?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. It really sounds like a wonderful oil and I love that it helps a lot with hair fall.

  2. Bahut accha result hai iska to 👍👍
    Recently main MeritVco ka kalongi oil laga rahi hu, husband aur mujhy dono ko hi bahut suit kiya hai 😊

    1. Mere paas bhi kalonji oil rakha but try nahi kiya! Have heard good things about it!

  3. After second trimester even my hair fall has reduced alot. But I had severe dandruff issue,.. Started using organic home made camphor coconut oil and my dandruff issues vanished from second wash itself.

    1. I did not suffer hair fall throughout my pregnancy till now!

      Dandruff can be very irritating and yes camphor and lemon helps a lot in removing dandruff!

  4. I have used couple of khandige products and they are quite nice .. my hair were the best during pregnancy but after 4-5 months when I stopped taking supplements they were at their worst . Do take care after pregnancy .

    1. Even i feel my hair are looking so good during pregnancy! Will keep your pointers in mind!


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