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Moha Herbal Face Wash Review + A Giveaway

Moha Herbal Face Wash Review
I am particularly loving products from Moha brand a lot these days! They are mild and gentle to the sensitive skin like mine! I had already reviewed and raved on Moha Foot Care Cream and Moha 5 in 1 Hair Oil! Today I am going to review Moha Herbal Face Wash that I have been using for the last 4-5 weeks! Also read the post till the end as there is a giveaway for you guys!

Moha Herbal Face Wash costs Rs 130 for 100ml! BUY ONLINE

Moha Herbal Face Wash Review
Moha Herbal Face Wash Review
The face wash comes in a soothing colorful cardboard box packaging with all the information written on it! The actual product comes in a light yellow squeezable plastic tube packaging with a flip top lid! It has a creamy gel like texture and lathers really well! The fragrance is mild and instantly makes me feel good! I simply massage it well in light, circular motion on my wet face and rinse it off with water! It makes my skin soft, smooth and clean! It also gives a healthy glow to the skin!

Moha Herbal Face Wash Review
Swatch of Moha Herbal Face Wash 
Moha Herbal Face Wash is great to be used in winter season when your skin becomes slightly dry! I have acne prone skin and I am happy to tell you that it does not contain comedogenic ingredients and is absolutely safe for the skin! It suits all skin types! It contains neem, cucumber, aloe and rose that are extremely good for the skin! It does not dry out the skin!

- Travel friendly packaging!
- Mild and gentle to the skin!
- Herbal face wash!
- Makes skin soft, smooth and clean!
- Give a healthy glow to the skin!
- Cruelty free!
- Suits all skin types!
- No comedogenic ingredients!
- Reasonably priced!

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
I am absoltely in love with Moha Herbal Face Wash! I have not faced any skin issues since the time I am using it! If you are looking for a mild yet effective face wash then i would definitely recommend you to check it out!

As promised, I am back again with a giveaway! It's a small gesture to say thank you to everyone who love and support my blog! The rules are pretty simple and the giveaway will run for 10 days! It is open for Indian residents only! The prize is shown in the above picture and will be sent by me. One winner will win:
- Lakme 9to5 Primer+Matte Powder Foundation worth Rs 600
- Everteen Natural Intimate Wash worth Rs 180
- Rings & Tings Dream Bracelet worth Rs 250 approx
- Dual Shine Retro Agate Necklace
- 2 packs of Dr Reddy's Hairootz Eva Hair Loss Supplements

Enter via Giveaway tools only!

The winner is Bhavani Sekar! Congrats girl! Thank you everyone for your active participation! More giveaways are coming soon! Stay tuned!


Good Luck!


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    Super excited for New Year.

  5. Movie, lunch, dinner with family and frds

  6. Is this face wash easily available?

    1. Yes I have given the link if u want to buy online!!!

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    1. U can make accounts on social media platforms! They are mandatory to be able to participate!

  15. I hardly change my face wash, this look good

    1. Do try this one is good for acne prone skin as well!!


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