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Moha Foot Care Cream Review

Moha Foot Care Cream Review
Foot cream has become an essential item in my skin care regimen! Before I started blogging, my feet were rough and dry and my mom used to say "Your feet are looking like that in ad chehre se raaj rani and pero se naukarani". After trying foot cream, my feet are super soft, smooth and I can say pretty too! I had been using Bio Bloom Foot Cream (I got in my Fab Bag!) that is quite pricey and I do not believe in spending much on foot creams! Today I am going to review a budget friendly, herbal foot cream from an Indian brand- Moha!

Moha Foot Care Cream costs Rs 163 for 100g! BUY ONLINE

Moha Foot Cream comes in a light yellow cardboard box packaging with all the information printed over it! The actual product comes in the same colored plastic tube with maroon flip top lid! I always appreciate flip top lid over the screw top ones as they are very convenient to use!

Moha Foot Care Cream Review
Moha Foot Care Cream Review
The foot cream is yellow in color with peppermint fragrance! It feels cool on the feet and gives a nice sensation! The scent is pleasant and does not give you a headache! It has creamy formula that applies smoothly and gets absorbed very quickly! After taking shower, I pat dry my feet and apply this foot cream in dots all over my feet. I them massage it well and I am ready to go! it is non greasy and feels so light! It makes my feet super soft, smooth and makes heels crack free with regular usage!

Moha Foot Care Cream Review
Swatch of Moha Foot Care Cream 
It contains peppermint oil, aloe vera and papaya that soothes and moisturizes the feet!

- Packaging!
- Scent is really nice and refreshing!
- Soothes dry and cracked feet.
- My feet feels soft, smooth and hydrated the whole day!
- Non greasy!
- Reasonably priced!
- Cruelty free!

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I totally adore Moha Foot Care Cream. It is non greasy and takes good care of my feet! Despite changes in weather, I have not faced dry and cracked feet with regular usage of this cream! I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Do you use foot cream?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. Effective n affordable dono hi hai aur packaging bhi cute hai 👌👌

  2. After becoming pregnant my feet has turned into Sahara desert,.. :) I'm applying all sort of creams to oils for my dry feet,.. I have tried this foot cream also,.. Nice review

    1. That may be due to less intake of water! keep yourself hydrated! Did you like moha one?


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