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Organic Harvest Liquid Shea & Honey Shower Gel Review

Organic Harvest Liquid Shea & Honey Shower Gel Review

I am really impressed by Organic Harvest products! They are very mild yet effective! Few days back, I had reviewed Organic Harvest Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser on my blog! Today I am going to review Organic Harvest Liquid Shea & Honey Shower Gel that I am absolutely loving these days!

Organic Harvest Liquid Shea & Honey Shower Gel costs Rs 645 for 200ml! BUY ONLINE

Organic Harvest Liquid Shea & Honey Shower Gel Review
Organic Harvest Liquid Shea & Honey Shower Gel Review
The packaging of the shower gel is simple yet sturdy! It has all the information written at the back! There is a "press to open" lid that allows easy to control flow of the shower gel! The fragrance of the shower gel is mild and on the sweeter side! I usually do not like sweet scents but this one is soothing and won't irritate your nose! 
Organic Harvest Liquid Shea & Honey Shower Gel Review
The shower gel has creamy gel like consistency and lathers richly! The lather is soft and feels nice on the skin! As I am pregnant, I do not like scented products a lot and I was so happy that the fragrance fades away as soon as the shower gel is washed off! I simply pour a small amount of shower gel on loofah and rub it to create rich lather! It cleanses the skin really well and makes it soft and smooth! It does not dry out the skin at all so if you are looking for a moisturizing shower gel then you may try it!
Swatch of Organic Harvest Liquid Shea & Honey Shower Gel 
It contains Shea butter and honey that hydrates the skin! It is free from parabens, mineral oil and animal ingredients!

- Proudly made in India!
- Contains shea butter and honey!
- Does not dry out the skin!
- Makes skin soft and smooth!
- Lathers richly!
- Hydrates the skin!
- Fragrance is mild!
- Nice and simple packaging!
- Cruelty and paraben free!

- Pricey!

Overall Thoughts:
Organic Harvest Liquid Shea & Honey Shower Gel is a nice addition to my morning routine! It makes me feel refreshed and my skin feels soft and smooth! It is perfect for pregnant women as it is paraben free and can be used in winter season! I would definitely recommend it to everyoneπŸ‘!

Are you a soap or shower gel user?

Stay Pretty & Loads of πŸ’“!


  1. Shower gel mujhy samjh nahi aata, hamesha soap hi use karti hu, haan husband n bitiya shower gel use karty hain
    Ye gel kaafi accha dikh raha hai πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ nicely reviewed πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Soap easy to use hota hai but shower gel ko loofah sath use karo to its good!

      Thank you :)

  2. Nice blog and useful info. I have been searching for top quality beauty products and I am glad to land here on this post. Thanks a lot for sharing this info. Will surely check out this product.

    1. Thanx dear! Glad i could be of some help to you!

  3. Seems a good gel to try but what other products do you recommend from the brand???

    1. I have not tried many products from this brand but their lip balm is good too! i shall review it soon!

  4. I love shower gels,.. Thank you for the review,..


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