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Born Pretty Dog Nail Art Water Decals Review

Happy Weekend MBT friends!

Born Pretty Dog Nail Art Water Decals Review
Today I am going to show you the cutest nail art water decals I own! If you know me well, you would know I am a huge animal lover especially dog lover! Recently while browsing Born Pretty Store website, I came across these newly launched super cute dog nail art water decals and I instantly ordered them!

Born Pretty Dog Nail Art Water Decals costs $0.99/ Rs 60 approx (currently on discount!). BUY ONLINE

Born Pretty Dog Nail Art Water Decals Review
Born Pretty Store Dog Nail Art Water Decals comes in a cute cardboard pack that is sealed in a plastic. They are themselves sealed with a thin plastic sheet. They are stuck onto a white flexible sheet that prevents them from getting damaged. They can be securely carried around in a bag or purse. The stickers have different designs and expressions of cute black and brown dogs🐕. They look super duper cute and pretty on nails. 
Born Pretty Dog Nail Art Water Decals Review
Born Pretty Dog Nail Art Water Decals Review
Born Pretty Dog Nail Art Water Decals Review
The nail water decals are made of very thin plastic that does not tend to stick to itself upon application. They are super easy to apply and feel extremely light on nails.

Born Pretty Dog Nail Art Water Decals Review

Here is the procedure on how to apply water decals on nails:
• Remove the thin plastic sheet from the decals.
• Cut the pattern of decals you love to apply using scissors and place them on a table.
• Take a bowl of water. I use normal water of room temperature.
• Gently place the first decal in water and leave it for 10-20 seconds. 
• Take out the decal from water using a tweezer.
• Put the decal with the face down on the index finger. Using your thumb, lightly slide the sheet and the decal would be separated. If it is not sliding off then put it again in water for few seconds.
• Now place the decal over your nail and slide it to adjust its position. It gives you enough time to place the decals properly on your nails.
• I then gently wipe off the water using a soft towel.
• After doing all nails of one hand, apply a top coat to seal it.
Born Pretty Dog Nail Art Water Decals Review
Always make sure to apply top coat because once your nails get in contact with water, the decals would start sliding off. Nail art water decal is one of the easiest ways to do your manicure within few minutes. I find these decals much better than nail art stickers. The pattern looks really cute and funky on nails. They look prettier in person than in pictures. The water decals last on my nails for a week without wearing off. They can be easily removed using a good nail polish remover. These would look great on both dark and light nail polishes. I have used them on Faces Cosmetics Nail Polish in White O White!
Kindly ignore my dry cuticles!

- The dog print is really cute and I have got many compliments!
- Good quality!
- Lasts really long!
- Easy to use!
- You do not need to be a nail art expert!
- Reasonably priced!
- Born Pretty Store provides worldwide shipping!

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
I would not write much as I loved Born Pretty Dog Nail Art Water Decals to the core! I would highly recommend them to everyone!

Do you love cute designs on your nails?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. Kitna cute dikh raha hai 😍😍 mujhy bhi ye sab bahut pasand hai , lakin thik se kar hi nahi paati 😀😀
    Aap log kitna perfectly bana lety ho 😊

    1. Autny it is super easy. You just need practice :)

  2. Waaw,.. very cute nail decals,..


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