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Organic Harvest Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser Review

Organic Harvest Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser Review
If you follow me on Instagram, you would know I got few products from Organic Harvest! Organic Harvest Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser is one of them! I was super excited to try this cleanser as it has a cleansing brush on top of it. I have never seen a brush over a cleanser so it was definitely new for me! As soon as I checked for ingredients, I was thrown back by olive oil. Let me tell you guys, I did a research and found that olive oil is mildly comedogenic and there are less chances that it might break out your skin! As I am really loving my skin these days, I skipped using this cleanser and passed it to my cousin! She was kind enough to test it for me!

Organic Harvest Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser costs Rs 1495 for 150g! BUY ONLINE (It is currently on discount!)

Organic Harvest says- 
The water-like-gel formula not only deeply cleanses the dirt from the debris but also imparts an everlasting cooling effect controlling the excess oil of the skin. Now, experience a healthy and tingly clean skin consistently! • Gentle • Alcohol free

MBT says-
The packaging of the cleanser is really unique! It has a cleansing brush attached on top of it! There is also a cap on the brush that prevents it from getting dirty! The cleansing brush has ultra soft and flexible silicon bristles that feel very mild on the skin! You just need to press the pump to release foam on the cleansing brush and you are ready to massage your face!

Organic Harvest Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser Review
Organic Harvest Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser Review
Organic Harvest Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser Review
The formula of the cleanser is watery gel like with mild and pleasant scent! I really love the fragrance of the cleanser. It's so nice and luxurious! My cousin has normal skin type and she needs two pumps for her entire face! You just need to massage the cleansing brush on your wet face for few minutes and wash your face with water! It foams really well and makes your skin clean and glowing! I can literally see the glow on her face after using this cleaner! The cleansing brush also helps in exfoliating the skin so it is advisable to use the face cleanser once a day! 

Organic Harvest Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser Review
This is how the foam comes out!
My cousin has not experienced any breakouts whilst using Organic Harvest Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser. I think it's great for people with normal, oily and combination skin sans acne-prone skin!

- Mild and pleasant scent!
- Watery gel like formula!
- Unique and thoughtful packaging!
- Comes with an attached cleansing brush!
- The brush is nice and soft on the skin.
- Exfoliates the skin mildly!
- Deeply cleanses the skin.
- Does not break out the skin and removes excess oil!
- Does not dry out the skin but I don't think it will work on dry skin in winter season!
- Free from mineral oil and alcohol!
- Gives a glow to the skin!

- Might not suit acne-prone skin!
- Pricey!
- Only key ingredients are mentioned!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, Organic Harvest Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser is a great cleanser for people with oily, normal and combination skin! It deeply cleanses the skin using the cleansing brush without drying it out! It is a plant derived cleanser and free from alcohol! Definitely a 👍 from me!!!

Have you tried Organic Harvest Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser?

Stay pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. Wow, it seems a very interesting product and the packaging is so cute and useful at the same time. I don't know what to say about the price, usually organic products are pricey because ingredients are pricey.
    Wish you a beautiful weekend.

    1. I agree with you Flo. organic products are mostly are on higher price!

  2. this cleanser sounds realy good and effective .
    would to love to try this beauty magic

  3. I love cleansing brushes,. just stopped using cleansing brush last time, as I have acnes all over my face :( Harmonal issues, cant blame it,.. Nice review,.. I dint knew Olive oil is also comedogenic agent :(

    1. I use cleansing brush only when i have to remove my makeup! Olive oil might break few i still need to test it!

  4. I wish that they have mentioned the whole ingredient list

    1. Yes it's so important for people with acne prone skin!!


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