Thursday, September 21, 2017

Women's Double Breasted Jacket ft Rosegal

Women's Double Breasted Jacket ft Rosegal
I had tried many items and clothing from Rosegal and I must they have the most stylish yet high quality items! This time I chose a double breasted jacket which looks not only stylish but also feels super comfortable! Winters are not usually very chilly in Hyderabad so I make sure to get the jackets that can be worn in fall and winter!

The double breasted jacket costs $21.48/ Rs 1300 approx (after discount)! BUY ONLINE

Summer sale is going on with 33% on almost all items! Use the coupon code REGEN to get another 10% off on your order!

Women's Double Breasted Jacket ft Rosegal
Women's Double Breasted Jacket ft Rosegal

This double breasted jacket is one of the most stylish jackets I own! It is available in only one color- Apricot that complements well with all outfits and colors! It is made of polyester and has a wide waisted pattern! That is the reason you are not able to look at my baby bump #lol. It has epaulet embellishment that makes it look more sophisticated! It can be worn in spring and fall! It is sightly cold in Hyderabad in the morning and I love wearing it whenever I step outside! It gives me a slight warm feeling (though not like winter wears!) and makes me look stylish at the same time! There is also a strap kind of thing that you can use to tie on your sleeves!

Women's Double Breasted Jacket ft Rosegal
I ordered size M for me that fits me perfectly!

Women's Double Breasted Jacket ft Rosegal
Rosegal provides free worldwide shipping and my package arrived quickly and safely at my doorstep without any customs duty!

Have you shopped from Rosegal?

Stay pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. I love the shoes you are wearing :)

  2. How many days it took for this jacket to arrive,.. I mean usually these international shipping takes forever and I get products after 2 or 3 months :(

    1. Oh no Shilpa I got my package within 20 days! Rosegal provides speedy shipping so be assured you ll get ur product fast!


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