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Saference Skin-RX Pore Minimizing Sheet Mask ft Kollshop

Saference Skin-RX Pore Minimizing Sheet Mask ft Kollshop
I confess, I am a huge fan of sheet masks! My skin never looked this hydrated and healthy before! My only concern with sheet masks was the non availability in India! I had ordered sheet masks from International websites but it took so much time to arrive and you know the customs procedure in India! Now no more disappointments as Kollshop India is now selling Korean sheet masks in India! Yes you read it right! Today I am going to review Saference Skin-RX Pore Minimizing Sheet Mask that I ordered from Kollshop India!

Saference Skin-RX Pore Minimizing Sheet Mask costs Rs 120 approx per sheet mask! I got a pack of 5 from the brand to try it out few times before reviewing! BUY ONLINE

Kollshop provides free shipping nationwide for orders over Rs 500!

Saference Skin-RX Pore Minimizing Sheet Mask ft Kollshop
The sheet mask comes in an easy to tear packaging! All the information is printed at the back in English and Korean language! As soon as I tore open the packaging, I am greeted with a mild and pleasant scent! I hate strong fragrances and this one is just too good! The sheet mask is quite moist and not overly wet! It is made of tencel sheet that is all natural and 100% biodegradable! It has a smooth surface and adheres nicely to the skin. After cleansing and toning your skin, apply the sheet mask on your dry face! It fits nicely to my face with the right amount of product and there is no dripping or slipping of the sheet mask! After application, I lie down to get the most out of the mask! Remove it after 15-20 minutes!

Saference Skin-RX Pore Minimizing Sheet Mask ft Kollshop
Saference Skin-RX Pore Minimizing Sheet Mask ft Kollshop
I then massage my skin with the serum that is already on my face and believe me guys my skin feels so soft, hydrated and bright! It does shrink the pores and makes my skin look smooth! I have acne-prone skin and it suited me so well! I have few acne scars and this mask helps a lot in shrinking the pores! It suits all skin types so yes it is for everyone! 
Saference Skin-RX Pore Minimizing Sheet Mask ft Kollshop
I use the remaining serum on my hands, elbows, knees and other drier parts of the skin!

Saference Skin-RX Pore Minimizing Sheet Mask contains volcanic ash that prevents acne by absorbing excess oil and shrinking enlarged pores. It also contains charcoal powder and tea tree extract that prevents acne and pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and acne scars!

- Easy to tear packaging! You can use it anytime and anywhere!
- Smells great!
- The sheet mask is of very good quality and adheres to the skin well!
- Shrinks the pores and makes it look smooth1
- Makes skin soft, smooth, hydrated and bright!
- Great for all skin types especially oily, acne-prone and problematic skin!
- No breakouts!
- Easily available in India at Kollshop!
- Reasonably priced!

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I am super happy with this pore minimizing sheet mask! It is definitely one of the best sheet masks I have used for my weird skin! I would highly recommend everyone, especially those with enlarged pores to check it out!

Have you tried sheet masks? Would you shop from Kollshop?

Stay pretty & Loads of 💝!


  1. Oh wow a sheet mask that shrinks pores! Sounds amazing!

  2. Thank you,.. I have some active acnes and my skin acts very weirdly these days and I need some help,.. I will check this mask,.

    1. Even I faced acne in my initial months! Stay away from sweets and pickles ;) Do try this mask. It is really good!

  3. Looks like a good one, I will check out the website.


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