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Blippo Surprise Kawaii Bag Review & International Giveaway (CLOSED)

Yay as promised I am back with a giveaway but before heading directly to the giveaway, let me give you a look at the prize, one of the lucky readers would get. Kawaii Box has been my favorite and when I got Blippo Bag, I was on cloud nine! It is the cutest bag I have ever seen! This bag is a surprise bag with at least 15 randomly selected kawaii items!

Blippo Surprise Kawaii Bag* costs $16.90/ Rs 1000 approx where you get the items worth $50 so it is definitely a steal! BUY ONLINE

All the items come packed in a super cute pink drawstring bag with "Blippo" written over it! I absolutely loved the bag and can't wait to carry my essentials during traveling! Let's peek into the bag and see what all surprises I got!

Nemuneko Plush $23.30/ Rs 1400 approx

It is a super cute sleepy cat that resembles me! I am also a sleepy person and can sleep for hours! I have showcased it in my bedroom along with other teddies and plushes! It alone covers the cost of the bag!

Pikachu Soft Purse $4.90/ Rs 300 approx

It is a super duper cute Pikachu purse that is very soft and lovely to carry! I carry my coins, keys, jewelries and other small items in this purse. I also love to carry my lip balms and lipsticks in this purse!

Small Chocolate Mirror and Comb $1.65/ Rs 100 approx

I so love this cute chocolate shaped item that comes with a mirror and a comb! The mirror is really of very good quality! I love to carry it in my bag whenever I am out of the house! Though I find it a bit small but nevertheless it is so cute to carry it with you!

Kawaii Fruits Hairpin Set $2.90/ Rs 180 approx

The set includes 3 yummy and fruit hairpins that look really adorable and super kawaii! I got orange, apple and strawberry hair pins! They are of good quality and look really cute on hair!

Pastel Shell Bracelet $3.80/ Rs 200 approx

The green pastel colored bracelet with golden sea shells! It looks really cute and I have saved it for my beach vacation!

Kawaii Animal Face Mini Purse $1.65/ Rs 100 approx

This cute mini pink purse is great for keeping coins, ear phones and small jewelries! It is of very good quality and has a golden key chain and a fastener!

Watermelon Purse $3.20/ Rs 200 approx

I am using it to keep my cards and cash! It has become my current favorite wallet! It is super soft and unique! I absolutely love it!

Mini Animal Spray Bottle $3.50/ Rs 200 approx

This cute little spray bottle is perfect for traveling. I rarely carry my toner whilst traveling due to fear of leakage or spillage but now this bottle will serve as a better toner bottle.The cap is pastel yellow in color and has a cute monkey printed on it!

Sweet Crepe Charm $0.90/ Rs 50 approx

This is a cute crepe bag charm that look like real crepe with chocolate and wafers! I love adoring it on my bag! It is so soft and looks real that I feel like eating it!

Jewelry Seal Cell Phone Stickers $2.80/ Rs 170 approx

I love, love these stickers. They look like pearls and I am sure they will make my cell phone look royal and feminine! I shall show you on my Instagram when I shall decorate my mobile!

Fresh Summer Juice Fan $1.60/ Rs 100 approx

If you are going out or traveling in a humid place then this is must have for you! It is a compact summer hand fan that will make you crave for a fresh orange juice! It is such a beautiful and thoughtful hand fan I have ever come across!

Pastel Macaron Travel Tag $4.60/ Rs 200 approx

It is the cutest travel tag I own! I cannot wait to use in on my vacation! It looks very bright and has a name tag behind! You can now identify your bag easily without any confusion!

Squishy Oreo Keychain $2.10/ Rs 100 approx

It looks like a real Oreo and and is very soft to the touch! It also smells like chocolate and I feel like eating it whenever I carry my keys in it! A perfect gift for a sweet tooth!

Classic Ribbon Eyeglass Frames $3.85/ Rs 200 approx

These frames are damn kawaii with a ribbon! They don't have glasses so you can always ask the optician to fit glasses for you! I think they would look great for Halloween or costume party!

Kawaii Card Holder

I use this holder to keep my ids and cards! It holds the cards really well! it also has a key chain and a fastener!

Blippo Surprise Kawaii Bag International Giveaway
Blippo team was kind enough to giveaway one bag to one of my lucky readers. This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL and anyone can enter!

The winner is Kim Minton (

Good Luck!


  1. Super cute giveaway! <3 Hope to win :)

  2. My granddaughter is so excited for the prizes in this contest. So cute!

  3. Wow! I simply loved everything. First time I am participating. Looking forward to win. Excited

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  5. Hi!! Thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  6. That spray bottle is so damn cute.... :)

  7. Participated and wish to win ♥♥

  8. Definitely wouldn't mind winning a surprise kawaii bag! Everything looks so cute and adorable!!

  9. All the Best Anjali SengAr Mam

  10. Wow.... Super cute 😍

  11. These are all so cute. Gosh that fan is adorable!

  12. They're all so cutie goodie. Hoping to win for my sister and my cute lil niece 😍✌💙💙


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