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Kawaii Box September 2016 Review & an International Giveaway (Closed)

cutest subscription box
Kawaii Box September 2016
Visiting Japan and shopping loads of cute items from there is my DREAM! I love everything KAWAII! If you are a loooong time reader of my blog, you would remember I did reviews on the Korean cute subscription box-----> Kawaii Box*! You can read my posts HERE and HERE! Kawaii Box is the cutest monthly subscription box that delivers a box filled with hand-picked kawaii items from Japan directly to your home with free shipping! Its costs $17.90/ Rs 1100 per month and you can BUY ONLINE on their website!

kawaii box september 2016
Kawaii Box September 2016
I got my box in the month of October but was so busy in the Diwali that I had to delay the post! In order to compensate the delay, I have collaborated with Kawaii Box team and one of my lucky readers will get a box full of cute goodies from Japan! Now let's get to the point! I got a total of 11 items in my Kawaii Box that are literally super cute. There is not a single item that I dislike! All the goodies are unique and I would be using each and everything! Let's unbox this cute box!

japan candies
Yummy candies!
Pokemon Ramune Candy & Kracie Nyokinyoki Kororon DIY Candy Kit
Every time I get candies, I gift them to my nephews but this time the packaging was so wonderful that I kept them with me! The candies are round and come in different flavors! I got the grape flavor and believe me guys the taste is too good! I love carrying these candies with me everywhere in my bag to munch on!

I have not tried making the DIY candies but this DIY kit looks really interesting to me! I have already planned to make these candies this coming weekend and I hope they will taste as good as they look!

cutest plush
A cute bunny plush
Rabi Dango Plush
I have a huge soft corner for soft toys and when I got this cute little plush in my box, I was over the moon! The bunny plush is super soft and looks absolutely adorable. I love keeping it on my bed along with my puppy that I got on my birthday!

cutest bag
Coin Purse
I Love You Purse
I am totally in love with this pastel coin purse. It is a coin purse but I use it to store my lipstick and lip balm. I usually do not carry so many makeup items in my handbag but lipstick and lip balm are must haves for me. So this cutie is always in my handbag and they come in 4 different colors! BTW it is of very good quality!

cutest stationery
Notebook Set
Happy Day Notebook Set
This is my favorite item among all! It is a super cute notebook set that comes with a detachable pen, few cute stickers, and a loop so you can hang it on the wall! It also comes in 4 colors and I am so happy that I got the red one!

cute stationery
Cupcake Mechanical Pencil
Pastel Cupcake Mechanical Pencil
These mechanical pencils add a beauty to my stationery set. I love collecting stationery items and this is the most beautiful pencil I own! It has a cupcake on top that makes it look delicious and cute!

cute stationery items
Invisible Secret Pen Set
Invisible Secret Pen Set
This kind of pen set is the totally new thing for me! You just need to write using the pen and make the words visible with the flashlight that is included in the cap of the pen! Now I can pour my heart out to my love without anyone noticing it *lol*!

cute hair bands
Hair Ties
Harajuku Hair Loop Set
The set comes with 5 neon colored hair ties. They are not cheap and has soft, flexible fabric that looks really pretty on your hair! I love the hearts attached to the hair ties!

cute stickers
Deco Stickers
Diamond Deco Stickers
I always love decorating my mobile phone and storage boxes with diamond stickers and I was super glad when I got these pink diamonds stickers in my box! They are of a really good size and I can't wait to use them!

cute stationery items
Dream & Explore Notebook
I have an obsession with collecting diaries and notebooks! I have N number of notebooks lying in my cabinet! I loved this galaxy notebook that can be easily carried around in the handbag! I always carry a small diary and a pen in my bag because you never know when an idea pops into your mind!

cute stationery items
Sparkle Stickers
Sweet Animals Sparkle Stickers
These are the most adorable stickers I own! They are covered with a plastic cover that contains pearls and stones! The kittens and mouse are way too cute and this is something that I will order in future!

International Giveaway
Now that I have raved a lot about this cute kawaii box, I would love one of my super cute readers to own this box as well! Kawaii Box team was kind enough to giveaway one Kawaii Box to one of my readers!

The rules are very simple. There is no mandatory option so you can follow Kawaii Box and MBT anywhere and everywhere and increase your chances of winning! Enter through raffle copter only and no cheating, please! The winner will be chosen by the brand and the prize will be sent by them!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And the winner is Kristina! Congratulations dear! 

I got a quick reply from her and her prize is on its way1 Thank you so much everyone for your participation. More giveaways are coming soon!

Good Luck!


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