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Sigma Line Ace Liquid Eyeliner in Legend Review

sigma liquid liner
Sigma Line Ace Liquid Eyeliner
This is the first time I had tried Sigma makeup! I have tried their makeup brushes and believe me, they are beyond awesome! You can read my post on makeup brushes HERE and HERE! I got this liquid eyeliner along with the makeup brushes and I had used it each time I had stepped out of the house! Sigma Line Ace Liquid Eyeliner costs $14/ Rs 900 approx and you can BUY ONLINE on Sigma website!

Sigma Line Ace Liquid Eyeliner Review
Sigma Line Ace Liquid Eyeliner
sigma liquid liner review
Sigma Line Ace Liquid Eyeliner
sigma liquid liner black
Sigma Line Ace Liquid Eyeliner
sigma black eye liner
Sigma Line Ace Liquid Eyeliner
blackest black eye liner
Swatches of Sigma Line Ace Liquid Eyeliner

The packaging of the Sigma Line Ace Liquid Eye Liner is very sleek and light. I love carrying it in my bag and love how less space it consumes! The brush of the eyeliner is very thin and easy to control. You can create thin and thick lines without any problem! 

The eyeliner comes in 6 shades and I got the Legend which is classic black. The pigmentation is really good. You can get true matte black color in just one stroke! The formula is pretty good and it does not tend to smudge or feather whilst application. The staying power is superb and stays on my lids for the whole day until removal! BUT if you are like me who rub your eyes then let me warn you that this liner comes off! So make sure you do not touch your eyes when you have this eyeliner on! 

As the eyeliner is not waterproof it comes off easily with a good eye makeup remover! 

- Packaging!
- The brush is thin and easy to control!
- Dries out pretty fast!
- Comes in 6 different colors!
- You can create thick and thin lines without any problem!
- Superb pigmentation!
- Legend is dark black with a matte finish!
- Stays on my slightly oily lids for the whole day!
- Does not tend to smudge!
- Easy to remove!

- If you are first-time liquid eyeliners users then you might find the application difficult!
- If you rub your eyes a lot, the liner does not stay the whole day! It tends to flake off!
- It is not waterproof!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall I am pretty happy with Sigma Line Ace Liquid Eye Liner! it is very pigmented, stays on the lids for the whole day and is easy to apply but I feel there are many other better options available in the market that are waterproof and of less price. If you are looking for an everyday eyeliner then I would happily recommend it to you!

Rating: 4/5

My Tips:
- Always swipe the brush on the mouth of the tube to avoid excess application of liner!
- Always apply using small strokes!
- Never use liquid liners on your waterline!

Would you try Sigma Line Ace Liquid Eyeliner?

Stay pretty!


  1. First of all, happy birthday beautiful Megha! I don't use a liquid eyeliner: I think it could be for me too much difficult!

    1. Thanx you so much sweetheart <3

      i agree even i am not so comfortable in using liquid liner!

  2. I find using liquid eyeliner bit difficult..

  3. The shade is definitely one of the deepest black liquid liners. Looks good.

    1. Yes Sangeeta! it gives true black color in just one swipe!


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