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Gearbest 3 in 1 LED Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

A pretty mirror to prettify your makeup!

If you love doing makeup, you would know how important is mirror for correct makeup application. I have loads of mirrors with me and Gearbest 3 in 1 LED Lighted Makeup Mirror* is a beautiful addition in my collection. I have placed it over my makeup table and it matches perfectly with my room color- Pink! It costs $60 but you can get it on offer for only $27.99. You can BUY ONLINE HERE before it gets out of stock!

Comes safely in cardboard box!


About the product

Everything is safe and secure

The mirror comes nicely packed in a cardboard box. The mirror, plastic rod and the base were fixed safely in the slots so there is no breakage whilst shipping. The best thing about this mirror is you do not any batteries that need to replaced again and again. You can recharge them through the cable provided via your laptop. I took help from Mr MBT to assemble the mirror as I was not able to insert the rod of the mirror in the base. It is very sturdy and it won't get loose. After assembling, I was amazed to see its beauty.

Mirror, mirror on the table! Who's the prettiest mirror of them all? 

On my dresser!

The mirror comes in 3 colors- pink, mint green and grey. As I am a pink fan, I chose this girlie color and believe me guys it looks so pretty on my table. The mirror is of very high quality and comes with touch buttons on the mirror. One is for lighting the mirror to do your makeup and other is to light the base. It works as a table lamp and you can either keep it on study table or bedside table. When you touch the button on the mirror, the rim of the mirror lights up that makes it look extremely beautiful and eases your makeup application. The light has got perfect brightness and does not irritate your eyes! The mirror is anti-fingerprint coating, water resistant, dust proof, anti-scratch and provides a high definition view! 

It works as a storage rack!

The base of the mirror is perfect to keep your essentials. I love keeping everything that I use everyday in my makeup. 

- 3 in 1 mirror! It can be used as makeup mirror, side lamp and the storage rack!
- Definitely the prettiest makeup mirror I own!
- The mirror is of great quality.
- The light around the rim makes makeup application easy!
- The base light is good enough to study a book!
- Looks extremely beautiful on my makeup table!
- Price. 
- Gearbest provides worldwide shipping.
- Arrives safely.
- Anti-fingerprint coating, water resistant, dustproof, anti-scratch and provides a high definition view! 
- Rechargeable.
- Comes in 3 colors!

- The mirror is not magnifying. Though it does not bother me as I have many magnifying mirrors!

Overall Thoughts:
I am totally in love with Gearbest 3 in 1 LED Lighted Makeup Mirror. It does its job well and is pretty useful in my everyday makeup routine. The view in the mirror is not hazy and gives a high definition view. It acts as a makeup mirror with illumination, study lamp and storage rack to keep your essentials. I would highly recommend it to everyone!

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips:
- You can recharge it whenever you are working on your laptop!
- Do not keep it under direct sunlight.
- You can gift it to your bestie or girlfriend! She will love you for it!

Do you love hoarding mirrors?

Stay pretty!


  1. So when are you gifting me this mirror as you said your bestie will love it �� the mirror is just so pretty, I'm just planning to order it!

    1. Hahaha when you ll gift me your huge makeup collection :P
      Go ahead you ll not regret buying it!

  2. We all need one like this.. amazing product fr the make up vanity!

    1. I agree Nats i even love doing my makeup in bed with this mirror :D

  3. Such a pretty and useful thing to have...It looks beautiful on your vanity...and even I love collecting beautiful mirrors....Can't live without them...

  4. Does a girl need anything else than a led mirror... I'll grab this thing soon...beautiful it is..

  5. Mega I always wanted a LED mirror and here it is.I am going to buy this one,for sure.It is so girly and pretty.I have fallen in love with this.Thanks a lotttt sweetie for sharing it.

  6. Megha just wanted to ask you were you charged any customs for this parcel??

  7. The mirror sounds really amazing and it is affordable too!

    1. Yes Sangeetha and it looks very pretty too :)

  8. Oh my.. Its super cute... N a perfect product to click pictures for my blog..

    1. Indeed you found another way of using this mirror!


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