Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Born Pretty Store Color Changing Thermal Nail Polish Review

If you are a long, long time reader of my blog, you would remember, I did a post on Born Pretty Store Color Changing Nail Polish. Though I loved the concept of color changing but it chips away quickly if you do not apply a top coat. While browsing over Born Pretty Store (I love browsing BPS and my wishlist is getting huge!), I came across this thermal nail polish* with glitters in it. These days I am loving glitter nail polishes a lot so I instantly ordered it. The nail polish is on a huge discount at $2.99 so grab it before it is out of stock! You can BUY ONLINE HERE. Use the coupon code MEGW10 to get 10% off on your order!

Aren't the glitters awesome?

On my nails! I clicked at 7.30 am and I loved the ombre effect!!

It turned purple in an AC room!

The nail polish bottle is pretty cute and looks small among all my other nail polishes. It is a 6ml peel off color changing nail polish that can be easily thrown in your handbag. The bristles of the brush are quite soft and apply nail polish smoothly without any streak. The nail polish is pink when you are in warm temperature and turns purple when in cool temperature. It remains pink when I do my household chores but gets purple as soon as I immerse my hands in cold water or when I enter in an air conditioned room! It is pretty cool weather in Hyderabad and my nail polish turns pink and purple throughout the day. It is such a fun nail polish that I am planning to gift it to my cousins! 

The pigmentation of the nail polish is pretty good. It goes opaque with 2 coats. I then apply a top coat over it for the long lasting effect. The staying power is quite poor if you do not apply a top coat. I feel top coat is a must with this nail polish. The glitters present in it make the nail polish all the more elegant and beautiful. It makes my hands look fair and delicate. 

- A unique nail polish that changes color according to temperature.
- Good pigmentation.
- Applies smoothly.
- Good staying power with a top coat on.
- Looks stunning on nails.
- The glitters give a delicate look to this nail color.
- Price.
- You can gift it to your bestie!
- Peels off easily.
- Born Pretty Store provides worldwide shipping.

- Poor staying power if you do not apply a top coat!

Overall Thoughts:
Born Pretty Store Color Changing Thermal Nail Polish is a fun and pretty nail polish that changes color according to the temperature. I absolutely loved the pink/ purple combination. The glitters in the nail polish make it all the more attractive and beautiful. I would definitely recommend it to all nail polish lovers.

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips:
- As it is a peel off nail polish, make sure to apply a base coat.
- Apply top coat for the longevity!

Have you tried thermal nail polishes? What are your thoughts on them?

Stay pretty!


  1. What fun...A color changing nail polish.. I get to know about so many new things on your blog....

  2. Amazing thing..Never heard of any such thing..I am surely trying things from born pretty now.. ) :)

  3. Oh my god Di, BPS is coming with amazing stuff for nails... Application looks awesome

  4. Already in love with this nail polish :p

  5. Gonna surf through Born Pretty Store ASAP :D nice review Megha :)


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