Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Vega Luxury Everyday Sponge Review

Isn't it beautiful?
Happy Tuesday MBT friends! 

I have been getting lots of emails on which loofah/ body sponge I use! Though I had loved Faces Cosmetics Luxury Loofah Sponge (Reviewed HERE) a lot but since they do not last for a very long time I opted to go for Vega that is a budget friendly brand. I had previously tried Vega Flower Sponge that was pretty good in doing its job but the flower design is highly irritating and I had intentionally left it out at my hometown *winks*.

Vega Luxury Everyday Sponge is priced at 59 INR and you can buy online HERE. I got mine from Big Bazaar at an offer price!

It comes with a tag!
The closer look!
The sponge is purple in color and looks absolutely chic in my bathroom. I have uploaded a picture on my Instagram (megha811 if you are not following me!). Like other sponges, Vega sponge is also a balled up design made from netting material. The loop enables you to hang it up on bath tap after it has been used and rinsed out. 

I do not use my shower gels or body washes without a body sponge. It is a MUST HAVE for me. They create luxurious lather and makes bathing experience all the more pleasant.

The sponge produces luxurious lather when wet and glides easily across the skin. It does not feel rough or scratchy unlike other local sponges. It exfoliates my skin well leaving it soft and nice. It takes care of drier and rough parts of skin (elbows, knees, heels etc) as well!

Bright and pleasant color. It makes your bathroom look good!
Easy to use.
It is made out of soft netted material that feels gentle on the skin.
The loop allows you to hang the sponge on the bath tap and let it dry.
Creates luxurious lather with small amount of body washes, shower gels and soaps.
Exfoliates the skin gently.
Cuts down the amount of shower gels and body washes.

Does not come with a packaging. You get it with just a tag attached to the loop.

Overall Thoughts:
I am totally in love with Vega Luxury Bath Sponge. It feels soft on skin, creates rich lather and lightly exfoliates the skin. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who uses shower gels or body washes on daily basis.

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips:
Replace your bath sponge every 6 months.
Rinse it in washing machine for better cleansing but it tends to lose shape after few times. I tend to clean it with soap after every use.
Make sure you pour small amount of shower gel on your loofah as it lathers richly!

What is your favorite bath sponge?

Stay pretty!

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