Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sattvik Organics Mint Magic Antiseptic Cleanser Review

Sattvik Mint Magic Cleanser
Happy Wednesday MBT friends! Time is flying so fast and I could not believe we are already at the end of February!

It is super hot in Hyderabad and all I need to follow is light skincare regimen! I have oily, combination skin that is oily at T zone and dry on cheeks. If you are a long time reader of my blog, you would know how much I adore the brand "Sattvik Organics". Not only their products are effective but are budget friendly as well. 

Today I am going to review Sattvik Organics Mint Magic Antiseptic Cleanser* that I have been using since 20 days. It costs Rs199 and you can BUY ONLINE HERE or HERE.

Tub packaging!
It indeed looks very refreshing!
As the name says, the cleanser is antiseptic and contains 2 magic ingredients that are great for people with problematic skin- neem and mint. The cleanser comes in a plastic tub packaging which I find pretty unhygienic as each time I use the product I had to make sure that my fingers are clean! I wish the brand will come up with tube packaging in the future! The gel is light green in color that looks very refreshing and the mint scent instantly makes me feel awake and alive. You just need to take an adequate amount of cleanser and apply it on your face and neck. Gently massage the cleanser in upward motions for few seconds and leave it for a minute to let it do its work! It gives a very nice cooling sensation to my skin and it is like a "cherry on a cake". After a minute, I rinse it off with normal water and pat dry my skin. My skin feels refreshed and thouroughly clean. I have oily T zone and dry cheeks and I love how balanced my skin feels after using this cleanser. Though I would not say it removes waterproof makeup but it removes non waterproof makeup easily without leaving a residue behind. 

The cleanser is meant for all skin types. I have checked their key ingredients and there is not a single comedogenic ingredient. I have acne prone skin and no I have not faced any breakouts! So if you have acne prone skin go ahead and get this mint magic cleanser! I use this cleanser at night but you can use it twice a day to get lovely, refreshed skin!

- Refreshing mint fragrance!
- Very gentle on the skin.
- Gives cooling sensation on skin.
- My skin feels refreshed and balanced after wash.
- Does not lather! Yes it is an advantage as it does not contains SLS!
- Does not dry out the skin!
- Removes non waterproof makeup.
- No comedogenic ingredients. It suits all skin types including acne prone and sensitive skin!

- Tub packaging!I hate digging my finger in the product.
- No detailed list of ingredients.

Overall Thoughts:
Sattvik Organics Mint Magic Cleanser has been my favorite since the time I am using it. It not only makes my skin clean and refreshed but I love how balanced it feels. It gives a healthy glow to my skin and removes all dirt and oil off the skin. i would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this cleanser to everyone!

My Tips:
- Use a spatula to take out the product.
- Massage in gentle upward strokes.
- Apply it on dry skin. Do not wet the skin for proper massaging.

Did you find Sattvik Organics Mint Magic Cleanser interesting? Would you buy it? Have you tried any mint cleanser?
Stay pretty!

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