Thursday, October 22, 2015 A Perfect Platform for Small Businesses!

Happy Dusshera friends!!! May this festival light up for you the hopes of happy times and dreams for a year full of smiles!!! May Lord Ram's blessings be with you always!

I am a huge fan of online shopping. I have shopped from many online shopping websites and as much as I love buying, I know there are lots of efforts of sellers who provide me with the best products of my choice. Recently on my visit to Indore, I met my cousin who has just started selling beautiful handmade bed sheets. I know how it’s difficult to survive in a world full of competition but I recommended her to try for online selling. 

ezebee is an online shopping platform that provides users or small businesses an online space to open showrooms. Showroom is your own personal website that looks just like any other online shopping website. There are many people who cannot open and run their own website so is the best option to sell products online worldwide. The best thing about is that the seller can open showroom for free with absolutely no charges. You can open unlimited showrooms and add infinite products in your showroom for free. Now you will be amazed to hear that there is no commission’s fee for your transactions and all the profits go to you directly! This is something that I totally adore about! There is also a premium version where you can pay a small amount and enjoy additional features like advanced statistics, photo albums etc.

As I had already mentioned, on you can sell products worldwide. You can also open showroom in other languages. For example you are willing to sell your items in Philippines, you can write your showroom in Filipino language, and in India you can write in Hindi etc. also provides an option to feature your showroom on their home page on paying a small amount of 5 EZBs. EZBs are internal swapping currency that makes swapping and international business smooth and easy. You can also use the EZBs to shop or pay for the premium option without any bank transfers. also provides the Blog Shop App that is free and will help you gain more customers. It is a perfect platform to sell your products both nationally and internationally. You can sell any product be it related to food, fashion, furniture, art, baby, books, home and living etc and there is no restriction of it on!

Now that I have explained you about selling your products on let us see what other things you can buy from this awesome website. These things interest me:

I totally loved the ethnic outfits available at such an affordable price tag!

Beauty and Wellness
There are many beauty products available on Many are natural and organic!

If you are fond of traveling you can find various tour packages at an affordable range!

I love candles and I was thrilled to see so many beautiful candles and other crafts!

Did I tell you can even shop local? You can find items of your choice in your city with no hassles! It showcases products from all over the world so there is something for everyone!

What did you love about Does it interest you? Sign up by clicking HERE.

Stay pretty!

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