Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Urban Accessories

Accessories offer the perfect finish to any ensemble: we all have collections of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and bags that help to give our outfits a lift, a modern twist or a little extra polish. Now, designers are increasingly producing branded accessories that slot into our active and connected urban lives, significantly including the technology we use. A range of fashionable accessories are available to us, signifying designers’ desire to diversify, adapt with the times and ensure that the accessories that we all rely on are stamped with their own unique seal. We’ve drawn up a selection of some of the best-selling and popular accessories that have gone down a storm in the fashion world.

iPhone cases 

Many people who work in the world of fashion, for example designers, editors, publishers, models etc., all use iPhones to communicate. iPhones have been a technological sensation since their inception in 2007, and have become a go-to for many of the most style savvy creatives in the world. Paying attention to the influx and widespread nature of the iPhones, key designers have looked to produce fun and fashionable cases that protect the phone whilst allowing them to take pictures and ensuring they are stylish accompaniments to any outfit. The most famous phone cases have come from Marc Jacobs, who regularly produces weird and wacky designs, Chanel’s iPhone perfume bottle holder with a long chain to drape over your shoulder and Kenzo’s cool cases emblazoned with a roaring tiger, a motif that featured predominantly on jumpers and T-shirts in their ready-to-wear collection. 


More often than not, you will see people on public transport or plugged in at work with a pair of headphones to whichever mp3 device they opt for (mostly an iPod or iPhone). Whilst this used to be the sole domain of the technology developers and manufacturers, designers are looking to break into this area too. In the A/W 2015 collections, Dolce and Gabbana sent models down the runways sporting large headphones. The prominent Italian design house collaborated with Frends, a leading fashion electronic company to produce what are perhaps the most opulent headphones in history. Ornately embellished with pearls, jewels, gold leafing, Swarovski crystals and multi-coloured faux furs, these aren’t just headphones: they are statements in luxury. At a whopping price tag of £4, 600, these headphones aren’t exactly a steal and will probably come with a huge insurance bill too. But, they do pack a punch and Dolce and Gabbana are paving a way for the future of fashionable technology. 


Sneakers and high-fashion seem to be the ultimate oxymoron. Yet, in the past couple of seasons after the huge success of normcore and the luxury sportswear trend of 2014, designers are continuing to include sneakers and trainers in their collections. After all, even the most on-trend glamazons need to give their feet some fashionable down time. Thanks to the luxury nature of designer sneakers, they can be paired with many outfits, from deconstructed tailoring to adding some urban edge to a polished evening dress. Shop these styles at Mary Jane Fashion. Some of the most prestigious fashion houses like Valentino, Givenchy, Lanvin, Fendi and Saint Laurent have created their own incarnations of the sneaker, adding luxury embellishments, popping prints and premium leathers and suedes into their shoes. These definitely aren’t sneakers for exercise or working out, but they are perfectly adapted to suit the fast paced lives we live, which invariably include working, travelling and partying. Now, our feet can achieve all these things whilst retaining comfort and style.

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