Monday, September 28, 2015

Wildrose Magnolia Eye Shadow & Blush Brush Review

Wildrose Magnolia Eye Shadow & Blush Brush
Last week was super busy for me. I had been traveling almost every day for my wedding preparations! My shopping for heavy sarees and outfits is almost done and I just need to buy lehengas. 

If you read my blog regularly, you would how much I raved about Wildrose Magnolia products. You can read my review on Wildrose Magnolia Kabuki Brush HERE, eye shadow HERE, lip gloss HERE and Wildrose Magnolia Natural Soap HERE. Today am going to review Wildrose Magnolia Eye Shadow and Blush Brush* that have been my favorites ever since I am using them. They are priced at $10 and $15 respectively. You can buy online HERE and HERE.

Wildrose Magnolia Eye Shadow & Blush Brush
Wildrose Magnolia Eye Shadow & Blush Brush
Wildrose Magnolia Eye Shadow & Blush Brush
The brushes came nicely packed in smooth plastic cases and you can store them in while traveling. The eye shadow brush is made of synthetic and being an animal lover I am so happy it is good for our cute furry animals. Worry not these brushes are great in performance too! The handles of the makeup brushes are black with silver metal in between the handle and brush fibers. They are quite lightweight and easy to hold.

The eye shadow brush has soft bristles that feel nice and soft on eyelids. It picks up the color well and blends in eye shadows like a dream! It is very dense and thick and I love how easy it is to create eye looks with this brush. Even if your eye shadows are not pigmented, it transfers the colors on the lid well. I have been using it almost every day and washed it so many times but have not noticed a single shed. I am super happy that it shows no signs of deteriorating in quality. 

The blush brush is also one the best blush brushes I have tried. The bristles are soft and pick the right amount of product. I use this brush as an ALL ROUNDER BRUSH and use it to apply blush, bronzer and powder. Though it has synthetic bristles but it feels soft on my skin. It picks up the right amount of product and I no more have fear of overdoing my blush or powder. Just like eye shadow brush, I have not noticed a single shedding!

Absolutely no shedding or bleeding.
Picks the right amount of eye shadows, pigments, blush and powder.
Not harsh on skin.
100% synthetic.
No flyaways.
Both the brushes are quite firm!
Reasonably priced.
Wildrose Magnolia provides WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!


Overall Thoughts:
Wildrose Magnolia Makeup Brushes are my favorite brushes and I look forward to try their slanted angle brush. Though they are synthetic but they work like a charm. They are no less than professional makeup brushes. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to everyone!

Rating: 5/5

My Tips:
Always pat the eye shadow brush to avoid fallouts!
Wash your brushes regularly.

Have you tried Wildrose Magnolia? What is your favorite eye shadow and blush brush?

Stay pretty!

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