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Wildrose Magnolia Eyeshadow in Sunrise Review & Swatches

Wildrose Magnolia Eyeshadow in Sunrise

If you are looking for natural cosmetics then Wildrose Magnolia have the best and affordable makeup. I have tried their kabuki brush, lip gloss and body soap and I must say their products are amazing. Today I am going to review Wildrose Magnolia Eyeshadow in Sunrise.

Wildrose Magnolia Eyeshadow comes in a small, sturdy clear plastic pot with a grey screw top lid. Though it looks small but it contains a lot of product and will last really long. As soon as you open the lid, you will see a sifter barrier that is sealed with a sticker. Pull off the sticker and you are ready to use your eye shadow. The sifter avoids spillage of the eye shadow and keeps it in place. The eye shadow name is written at the bottom of the pot. The pot is quite sturdy and can be easily carried around in a makeup bag. There is no eye shadow applicator provided with the eye shadow so make sure to carry your own.
Wildrose Magnolia Eyeshadow in Sunrise
Wildrose Magnolia Eyeshadow in Sunrise
The sifter prevents spillage of eyeshadow
Swatch of Wildrose Magnolia Eyeshadow in Sunrise
On my eyes Wildrose Magnolia Eyeshadow in Sunrise

Sunrise is a gorgeous warm champagne color with orange undertones. It has a beautiful metallic finish that makes my eyes look bright and shiny. I love teaming it up with brown eyeshadow in the outer corners to create a soft yet glamorous look. It has concentrated loose texture that is very fine and does not tend to fall whilst application. I usually use an eye shadow brush that is not very soft. I simply pour little eye shadow on the back of the lid, swipe the brush lightly and give it a good tap on the top of the lid before application. I then gently pat the color onto my lids. It is easy to blend without creating a fuss. The eye shadow is nicely pigmented and stays on my slightly oily lids for a good 6-7 hours with an eye primer underneath. It would look flattering on fair to medium skin tones. 

Wildrose Magnolia eyeshadows come in lots of beautiful shades so I am definitely going to order few other shades.

Soft and smooth texture.
Natural and toxin free.
Easy to apply and does not tend to fall out.
The powder is finely milled.
Rich pigmentation.
Great staying power.
Travel friendly packaging.
Worldwide shipping.
Reasonably priced as the eyeshadow will last really long.


Overall Thoughts:
Wildrose Magnolia Eyeshadow is a natural and toxin free eyeshadow that applies smoothly and has rich pigmentation. It comes in variety of shades and I am totally in love with Sunrise. It is really affordable and would last really long. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to everyone especially those you love natural products.

Rating: 5/5

Have you tried Wildrose Magnolia Eyeshadow? Do you love natural cosmetics? Share in the comments section below!

Stay pretty!

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