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Infinity Sea Breeze Necklace & Drop Earrings Review

Infinity Sea Breeze Necklace & Drop Earrings
If you read my blog regularly, you must know how much I adore Infinity jewelries. They are made from high quality crystals and look really unique and wonderful. I have reviewed lots of jewelries from this brand and you can just search in the search bar by typing Infinity and have a look at those beauties :). Few months back, I bought these gorgeous light blue necklace and drop earrings from Infinity to match my blue outfits. The necklace is priced at Rs 1950 and drop earrings at Rs 1990. These are currently not available online but I am sure they will be available at Infinity stores. If you love wearing golden plated jewelries then you must check this set HERE.

Infinity Sea Breeze Necklace
Infinity Sea Breeze Necklace
Lobster clasp
Me wearing Infinity Sea Breeze Necklace
Infinity Sea Breeze Necklace & Drop Earrings are not available as set and you have to buy them individually. They come securely packed in a white cardboard box packaging. The necklace is made of silver plated metal alloy with high quality encrusted crystals. The pendant has tear drop design that makes it look pretty and unique. It has beautiful light blue crystal with white crystals encrusted around it. It complements well with all outfits especially ethnic dresses and blue dresses. It can dress up any boring outfit and is definitely eye catching and elegant. I get compliments from people each time I wear it. The chain is quite sturdy and looks plain and simple. It is of good quality and does not cause any allergy or reaction. It is 9.5 inches long and fits well on my neck. The lobster clasp is quite strong and is easy to open and close. The chain can be adjusted through various loops available. The pendant feels quite light and does not tend to spin around or gets tangled. It is of good size and does not look tacky. I think it would look great on everyone. 
Infinity Sea Breeze Drop Earrings
Me wearing Infinity Sea Breeze Drop Earrings
The earrings have the same design as that of pendant. They are drop earrings and the drop length is approximately 1”. The locks are lever back closure and are super easy to put in and take out. They do not tend to get loose. The earrings are comfortable to wear and look really pretty and adorable on my earlobes. If you love wearing lightweight yet drop earrings then these are for you. They look good on all outfits and are perfect for wearing at office or when you wear ethnic outfits. They are of good quality and do not look cheap or tacky. They look quite noticeable on my ears and I got lots of complements from my friends when I wear them with pendant necklace. They are versatile and can be worn in any season but I love wearing it with traditional outfits or blue dresses. I have been wearing it almost in every party and they are still in new condition and I have not seen any signs of wear and tear.

• Great quality.
• The crystals do not tend to dull down.
• Feels light on neck and earlobes.
• Look great with all outfits.
• Last long.
• Look elegant and pretty.
• Reasonably priced.

• None.

Overall Thoughts:
Infinity Sea Breeze Necklace & Drop Earrings have been my favorite since many months. I love how shiny and elegant they look. They are of high quality and if you love wearing light yet attractive jewelries then I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to check this set.

Rating: 5/5

My Tips:
•    Always keep jewelries away from chemical exposure such as perfumes or hairsprays.
•    Clean with a soft cloth to retain its shine after usage.

Do you love wearing colored crystal jewelries?

Stay pretty!

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