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American Midnight by Brandon Barr & Mike Lynch Review

American Midnight by Brandon Barr & Mike Lynch
 Though I am a huge makeup, fashion and nail art junkie but I really cannot sleep without reading a novel and talking to my love. So far I have read many novels but never reviewed them on my blog. Recently I read a very interesting and gripping fiction book American Midnight* written by Brandon Barr and Mike Lynch. I really take months in reading a novel but I cannot believe I finished this book in just two days. This is one such novel that not only makes us think of the current condition of America but even most countries of the world. This book is priced at $19.95 and you can buy online HERE. If you have kindle then you can buy HERE for Rs 399.

American Midnight by Brandon Barr & Mike Lynch
American Midnight by Brandon Barr & Mike Lynch
American Midnight by Brandon Barr & Mike Lynch
American Midnight is a political thriller story that revolves around a beautiful, brave teenage girl Tania Peters. She had loving, supportive and happy family but her mother’s sudden death in a planned plane crash totally changed her life. She stopped believing in God and threw herself in the arms of her boyfriend hoping her life would again be normal. Her feelings were crushed when her boyfriend betrayed her and started dating the most popular girl of high school.

Tania joined Unity Party just to serve people just like her mother and to divert her mind. She saw all good things that Unity Party promises to deliver to people once their party wins the election but there is dark side of the party which Tania was unaware of. Daniel Peters, father of Tania, was threatened and jailed him for false charges when he refused to compromise his religious belief. After that Tania realized the Unity party is more into controlling people through power and law than serving them. The party shuts everyone’s mouth who speaks against their laws. Tania was completely shocked when she read the files in her senior’s office on how the party had planned to use her against her dad. Soon Tania gained her lost faith in God but it was too late and she was arrested on false charges of having connections with Christian terrorists.

I totally loved the character Joanna, best friend of Tania. Not only she is frank and blunt but makes Tania realizes her lost faith in God. Though she died in bombings but helped rediscover the faith in Tania and her confusion between past and future.

American Midnight is one such book that has suspense in each chapter. There was not a single chapter that was boring or made me want to skip it. The whole book is unpredictable and I really don’t feel like putting it down. There were a lot of characters in this book but they were all developed strongly that I do not had to turn the pages to keep up with who was who. I was hooked straight away from the beginning especially after the betrayal from his boyfriend. The things really heat up when her father was arrested and sent to some unknown place. This book is never predictable and keeps me guessing until the final page. It is definitely a page turner when Tania’s fate is revealed in snippets. It shows the ugly and scary side of the politics. I totally adored Brandon and Mike’s work and I look forward to the continuation of the plot line. Though there were few grammatical mistakes but then the story was so gripping I really did not mind it :).

•    Definitely a page turner book.
•    If you love thriller and mysterious books then you will love it for sure.
•    There is a twist in each chapter.
•    Available both as paperback and eBook on Kindle.
•    Reasonably priced.
•    Silver leaf books provide worldwide shipping.

•    None.

Overall Thoughts:
American Midnight is definitely an interesting read and one of my favorites’ books in a long time. It is a book that I really do not want to put down and there is a twist and suspense in almost every chapter. I totally loved the main character Tania Peters for her smartness, bravery and love for her family and God. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to everyone!

Rating: 5/5

Do you love reading thriller books? What is your favorite?

Stay pretty!

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