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Mighty Wallet Review

Mighty Wallet Review

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know how I hate carrying heavy bags with me. Recently I came across a very unique wallet- Mighty Wallet. It feels super light just like a folded paper. Yes you read it right JUST LIKE A PAPER! Today I am going to review Mighty Wallet with music sheet pattern.

Mighty Wallet

Price: $15
Buy online HERE

Dynomighty says-
Be Mighty :)

MBT says-
Mighty Wallet comes sealed in a clear plastic case with all the information written over the tag. As soon as I opened it, I find it is super light just like I am holding a paper sheet. The wallet is yellow in color with music pattern all over it. It is a hand written sheet that gives a pure vintage look to it. It is tear resistant, water resistant, expandable and recyclable. It is made from Tvyek that resist tearing because of thousands of interlocking plastic fibers spun in random patterns. It has a smooth feeling and I love holding it in my hands. I got Music sheet pattern for myself and it is definitely the unique design I have seen till date. 

The wallet is a twofold wallet that opens and closes like a book and fits nicely in your pocket or bag. It feels super light in my jeans pocket but I mostly carry it in my bag just like I carry my other wallets. When you open up the wallet you will find two compartments and four slots for holding credit or debit cards. Inside the wallet, there are two slots for holding credit or debit cards. The slots at the outer end does not look practical to me as the cards or receipts fall out as soon as I take out my wallet. The stitch less design reinforces the materials own strength and allows the wallet to instantly expand and adapt to your own personal storage needs. 

The wallet is recyclable so if you are a nature lover you will love it. As I mostly carry my wallet in my bag, I have not seen any signs of wear or tear. I have got lots of compliments each time I take it from my bag to pay the money.

The brand has also sent me a gorgeous Floral Mighty Wristlet that is worth $30 and a cute washi tape mighty stash bag worth $8 to keep coins or other small items. I am truly enjoying using Mighty items and would recommend everyone to check their cute collections.

Mighty Wallet
It is recyclable.
Mighty Wallet
I loved the music pattern.
Two slots for holding cash.
Slots for holding cards.
And the Angels sing :)
Mighty Floral Wristlet and stash bag.
Good quality.
Extremely lightweight.
Tear resistant and water resistant.
Expands as you start filling the wallet.
Takes less space.
Have many slots.
The color and pattern is very unique and pretty.
Quite sturdy.
Makes you stay organized.
Easily available on Amazon.in
Worldwide shipping.

A bit pricey.
The outer slot is useless as the cards tend to fall out.

Overall Thoughts:
Mighty wallet is one the lightest wallet I have ever used. It is made from Tvyek that is recyclable and is tear resistant. I can easily carry all my cards and cash in it. As I carry it in my bag, I have not seen any signs of wear and tear till date. I have got lots of compliments each time I carry it with me. I would happily recommend it to everyone!

Rating: 4.5/5

Have you tried Mighty Wallet? Do you love lightweight wallets? Share in the comments section below!

Stay pretty!

Disclaimer: The item was sent by PR for consideration. The review is based on my own honest and personal experience with the product.

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